Abdullah IBRAHIM – Blues for a Hip King 1989

Abdullah IBRAHIM – Blues for a Hip King 1989


This marvellous album from Abdullah Ibrahim (aka Dollar Brand) is as good way as any to start listening to this great South African Jazz Pianist.

Listen to ‘Sweet Basil Blues’, its instantly catchy and it sounds very simple (probably fiendishly difficult actually!), and it certainly has a blues influence. All of Abdullah’s self-penned tracks are like this. The musicians playing with him are of all of the highest quality, amongst the better known are Blue Mitchell and Basil Coetzee.

Abdullah actually stood in for Duke Ellington in the early 60’s, and his influence and Monk’s can certainly be heard in his Piano playing. On a few tracks here Abdullah gives a nod to that American influence, playing covers of two Monk tunes, and some of his own compositions are clearly Monk/Ellington inspired. Its also worth mentioning the opening track ‘Ornette’s Cornet’ which I believe is a reference to Ornette Coleman.

These tracks are a mixture of trio and sextet tracks and I strongly recommend the album.
By S.J. Buck.
01 Ornette’s Cornet   5:24
02 All Day & All Night Long   5:28
03 Sweet Basil Blues   6:22
04 Blue Monk   6:06
05 Tsakwe Here Comes the Postman   11:46
06 Blues for a Hip King   9:47
07 Blues for B   3:28
08 Mysterioso   4:42
09 Just You, Just Me   4:59
10 Eclipse at Dawn   4:03
11 King Kong   5:25
12 Khumbula Jane   5:55

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