Tom WAITS – Invitation To The Blues, The Live Experience 1977

Tom WAITS – Invitation To The Blues, The Live Experience 1977


Great Dane Records, GDR CD 9120. LP,19??. Performance: “April 26, 1977, “Post Aula”, Bremen/ Germany”.
(not authorized by Tom Waits).
Tom Waits was born at Park Avenue hospital in Pomona, California to Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray, both schoolteachers.[3][4] His father was of Scots-Irish descent and his mother from Norwegian stock. After Waits’s parents divorced in 1960, he lived with his mother in Whittier, California, and then moved to National City, in San Diego County, near the Mexican border.[4] Waits, who taught himself how to play the piano on a neighbor’s instrument, often took trips to Mexico with his father, who taught Spanish; he would later claim that that he found his love of music during these trips through a Mexican ballad that was “probably a Ranchera, you know, on the car radio with my dad.”[5]

By 1965, while attending the Hilltop High School within the Sweetwater Union High School District, Chula Vista,[4] Waits was playing in an R&B/soul band called The System and had begun his first job at Napoleone Pizza House in National City (about which he would later sing on “I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work (And See My Baby on Montgomery Avenue)” from Small Change and “The Ghosts of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone’s Pizza House)” on The Heart of Saturday Night).[3] He later admitted that he was not a fan of the 1960s music scene, stating, “I wasn’t thrilled by Blue Cheer, so I found an alternative, even if it was Bing Crosby.”[6] Five years later, he was working as a doorman at the Heritage nightclub (now the Sneak Joint) in San Diego — where artists of every genre performed — when he did his first paid gig for $25.[3] A fan of Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan, Lord Buckley, Hoagy Carmichael, Marty Robbins, Raymond Chandler, and Stephen Foster, Waits began developing his own idiosyncratic musical style, combining song and monologue.

After serving with the U.S. Coast Guard,[7] he took his newly formed act to Monday nights at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, where musicians would line up all day for the opportunity to perform on stage that night. In 1971, Waits moved to the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles (at the time, also home to musicians Glenn Frey of the Eagles, J.D. Souther, Jackson Browne, and Frank Zappa) and signed with Herb Cohen at the age of 21. From August to December 1971, Waits made a series of demo recordings for Cohen’s Bizarre/Straight label, including many songs for which he would later become known. These early tracks were eventually to be released twenty years later on The Early Years, Volume One and Volume Two.
01. Spare Parts 1 (A Nocturnal Emission)
02. Invitation To The Blues
03. Depot, Depot
04. The Piano Has Been Drinking – not me (An evening with Pete King)
05. Pasties & A G-String (At the Two O´clock Pub)
06. Step Right Up
07. Semi Suite
08. Fumblin’ With The Blues
09. Midnight Lullaby
10. Emotional Weather Report
11. I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work (And See My Baby on Montgomery Avenue)
12. New Coat of Paint
13. Diamonds On My Windshield
14. The One That Got Away
15. Small Change (Got Rained on With His Own .38)

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