Phil WOODS – Musique Du Bois 1974

Phil WOODS – Musique Du Bois 1974
1997 Issue


On Musique Du Bois, things start with a chorded bass-alto workout in the intro of “Samba du Bois,” actually more a hard bop than Brazilian excursion, with Phil Woods’ alto frying on the edges. The most inventive juxtaposition of “All Blues” welded to “Willow Weep for Me” works perfectly over ten-plus minutes, in a steady but quick waltz tempo. This is a tour-de-force reading, Woods wafting over Jaki Byard’s blue-green chords. During his solo, the pianist goes light blue in cascading, flowing phrases that tumble out of the 88 keys. “Nefertiti” is vastly different than the Miles Davis-Wayne Shorter original; where that one was haunting, sparse, swelling and free, Woods interprets this as an easy swinger, anchored on terra firma with Byard’s scurrying solo and funky R&B coda a listener’s delight. The band goes through definite time shifts, from easy bluesy groove to funk and hard bop during “The Last Page”; they swing “Airegin” pretty well; and during “The Summer Knows,” the altoist confirms what many have long since known that he is an unsurpassed master when interpreting a standard in ballad form. A lilting alternate take of “Samba du Bois” is the more Latin-oriented one, same tempo but with drums and the trio introing and playing all the way through. This CD is a widely acknowledged modern jazz masterpiece, a classic in the discography of Woods, easily amongst the best five recordings of his long and storied career  and a must-buy.
By Michael G. Nastos. AMG.
Phil Woods- (Alto Sax)
Jaki Byard- (Piano)
Richard Davis- (Bass)
Alan Dawson- (Drums)
01. Samba du Bois   6:58
02. Willow Weep for Me   10:07
03. Nefertiti   8:23
04. The Last Page   9:06
05. The Summer Knows   7:15
06. Airegin   5:57
07. Samba du Bois [bonus track]   6:14

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