Vargas Blues Band – All Around Blues 1991

Vargas Blues Band – All Around Blues 1991


Javier Vargas, creator of the Vargas Blues Band was born in Madrid in 1955 but his family moved to Argentina when he was barely six years. With ten years old his father gave him his first guitar and started guitar lessons and music theory, but soon tired of these classes and continued to learn on their own.His beginnings were influenced by the blues, rhythm fashionable at the time.
In 1971 he went to Venezuela, although not long in leaving the U.S., where I wanted to really learn the true masters of the blues and learn about new trends.
His first contact in North America led him to Tennessee, where he drank from the fountains of the country and worked with the Mad Covers Band, playing covers of famous bands.
Her next step was to go to Los Angeles where he rubbed elbows with many established stars such as Van Halen.
In 1977 he returned to Spain.At its inception collaborated with Miguel Ríos, Joaquín Sabina and Manolo Tena, who made the disc with Spanish blood.
Along with these collaborations, created the band called Vargas Blues Band, with a bass and a drummer, and turned to go Spain to become known.
In 1991 he published his first album, All Around Blues, with the collaboration of Elena Figueroa, among other distinguished friends. In 1992 publishes Madrid-Memphis, with whom he won a notable success in Spain and sold a considerable number of copies.
Javier Vargas- Guitars
Philip A. Guttman- Vocals
Elena Figueroa- Vocals on “I wonder if you ever” and “Blue Midnight”
Fernando Vázquez- Vocal and Harmonica on “You don’t know my name”
Dan Rochlis- Sinthesized Guitar on “Everything is gonna be alright”
Hector Olivera- Bass
Pedro Barceló- Drums
Damián Bermúdez- Keyboards
Jean-Pierre Gómez- Bottleneck Guitar on “You don’t know my name”
01. Riding High 5:01
02. Rock Me Baby 4:05
03. Blues Latino 4:49
04. All Around Blues 2:51
05. Hideway 5:20
06. Messing With The Kid  3:22
07. I wonder If You Ever 4:35
08. Blue Midnight 4:09
09. You Don’t Know My Name 4:29
10. Everything Is Going To Be Alright 3:51
11. Don’t Let Go 3:51
12. Hey Hey Blues 4:40

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