Charles BROWN – Honey Dripper 1996

Charles BROWN – Honey Dripper 1996


This 1996 album was one of the last released in Charles Brown’s lifetime (he died at the age of 76 in 1999). His last decade of work represented quite an upswing–besides a series of fine albums, he toured regularly on his own in clubs and on …    Full Descriptionlarge tours opening for Bonnie Raitt. What’s remarkable is that in his more than 50 years of recording, he continued to find layers of nuance within his idiosyncratic hybridization of blues and jazz. This set finds him fronting a quintet and playing a range of covers and originals. The title track is a Joe Liggins number. Other highlights include Whiting & Bullock’s “When Did You Leave Heaven” (a song that Jimmy Scott made his own, which here finds its own new and appropriate character) and Buddy Johnson’s “They All Say I’m the Biggest Fool.” With the smooth timber of his singing, Charles Brown makes heartbreak, longing, and other aspects of the blues go down like pure sweet honey.
“Soothing” is not a word normally associated with blues, but its the word that best captures the experience of listening to Charles Brown, and Honey Dripper is no exception. Listening to it is like sipping a fine bottle of cognac. Seventy-two years old at the time of this recording session, Brown sounds agile, almost ageless. Indeed, time seems to stand still when he plays and sings in that same understated, urbane manner he popularized with Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers back in the 1940s. Like his other recordings this decade, Honey Dripper features Brown’s regular working combo, led by guitarist Danny Caron and including saxophonist Clifford Solomon. The songs range from straight-ahead blues to jazz ballads, with some straddling the line. By Steve Hoffman, All Music Guide.
Charles Brown- (Vocals, Piano);
Etta Jones, Irene Reid- (Vocals);
Danny Caron- (Guitar);
Clifford Solomon- (Tenor Sax);
Ruth Davies- (Bass);
Gaylord Birch- (Drums).
01. News All Over Town 7:12
02. I Cried Last Night 4:29
03. When Did You Leave Heaven 5:12
04. There Is No Greater Love 3:24
05. If I Had You 3:53
06. Gee 3:14
07. The Very Thought of You 5:07
08. You Won’t Let Me Go 4:55
09. The Honeydripper 4:28
10. They All Say I’m the Biggest Fool 4:22
11. At Your Beck and Call 5:59
12. Every Day I Have the Blues 4:03
13. Precious Lord 3:32
14. Charles Brown’s Thank You 0:28

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