The Derek Trucks Band – Jazzfest Berlin 11-06-2005

The Derek Trucks Band – Jazzfest Berlin 11-06-2005
Delphi Theater, Berlin, Germany


The festival ended its compacted four-day run with the more rootsy Americana-based sounds of the Derek Trucks Band (Trucks sounded, as usual, like the future of intelligent rock guitar) and the “Rev.” Jeff Mosier’s Ear Reverents jamming on bluegrass-fusion energies into the wee hours at Quasimodo.

Observers a the Berlin Jazz Festival, especially outsiders flying in for the occasion, may be tempted to draw metaphorical analogies between the Wall’s fall and the genre-razing bent of the festival’s musical programming. That’s partly valid, but it’s also too easy a conclusion. Berlin’s program is merely a good example of what any good festival should be about: a celebration of jazz’s natural plurality. More than any musical tradition, jazz is itself but also many other things. That state of healthy confusion and openness is alive and well in Berlin.
Derek Trucks– Guitar
Todd Smallie– Bass & Vocals
Yonrico Scott– Drums,Percussion & Vocals
Kofi Burbridge– Keyboard,Flute & Vocals
Mike Mattison– Vocals
Count M’Butu– Congas & Percussion

01 Afro Blue 11:11
02 I Wish I Knew 05:14
03 Feel So Bad 08:02
04 So Close So Far Away 06:06
05 Crow Jane  05:34
06 Cheesecake 10:01
07 To Know You Is To Love You 05:38
08 Sahib Teri Bandi – Maki Madni 13:55
09 Chevrolet 04:11

01 Sailing On 07:01
02 Up Above My Head 04:51
03 For My Brother 15:57
04 Joyful Noise 11:46

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