Thelonious MONK Quartet – Live in Paris March 1966

Thelonious MONK Quartet – Live in Paris March 1966
Thx to *Hans Koert* and *terrakeo*


During this European tour several concerts were recorded on film – well known are the Oslo and Copenhagen shots, but I found some film fragments that are less known. First of all a fragment probably made at the start of the concert at the Palais de la Mutualité in Paris (France) on the 20th of March, 1966. These two fragments are from a French broadcast, which makes the quality rather poor, but the shots are great. The Thelonious Monk Quartet featured Monk at the piano, Charlie Rouse on tenor saxophone, Larry Gales on bass and Ben Riley on drums. The first shot was made from the very beginnings, behind the curtains, and includes some preparations before the concerts starts, which gives it that special feeling as if you are part of the performance. Great!
Thelonoius Monk- Piano
Charlie Rouse- Tenor Sax
Larry Gales- Bass
Ben Riley- Drums
01.I love you
02.Lulu’s Back in Town  Announcer
03.I mean you
04.Monk’s Dream

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