Willie MABON – Chicago Blues Session! 1979

Willie MABON – Chicago Blues Session! 1979
1995 Issue.


Chicago Blues Session! features a session pianist Willie Mabon cut on Independence Day 1979 with guitarist Hubert Sumlin, guitarist Eddie Taylor, bassist Aron Burton and drummer Casey Jones. The album was originally released on the German L&R …    Full Descriptionlabel, mainly because American labels were shunning the blues. That could be the only reason this album wasn’t released at the time, since it’s a nice, straightahead Chicago blues record. There are several Mabon originals, all of them strong and memorable, plus several Willie Dixon tracks and a Howlin’ Wolf cut. That Howlin’ Wolf song is one of a handful of tributes to Chicago blues legends — the others are to Jimmy Reed and Willie Dixon — but the true tribute is the spirit and passion the group puts into their music. That’s what makes the album a worthwhile listen for serious fans of Chicago blues.
By Thom Owens. AMG.
Willie Mabon scored big R&B hits during the 1950’s but by 1979 he was pretty much forgotten in America. He was living in France but decided to venture to Chicago to record this album in 1979. It features the pianist on both harmonica and his regular piano backed by an all-star band, Eddie Taylor and Hubert Sumlin on guitars, Aron Burton on bass and Casey Jones on drums. It is somewhat of a “quickie” session so it is not totally rock solid music, but it is still a fairly well produced album. Everybody gets a lot of space to solo and Mabon’s vocals are terrific throughout. The songs are a mix of new ones, re-cuts of a few of Mabon’s old singles, and a few covers.
Willie Mabon never got much recognition beyond his chess singles, but this album, while not amazing, proves he still could make good music even in the later parts of his life at a time when blues was very under-recognized.
By Sam Mosley.
This is a great CD! Chess Records veteran Willie Mabon plays some stellar blues piano here. The real appeal, however, is the great guitar-work on this disc by both Hubert Sumlin (legendary guitarist for Howlin’ Wolf) and Eddie Taylor (equally important guitarist heard on many Jimmy reed classics). Both guitar aces demonstrate exemplary rhythm and lead work. This recording from 1979 is probably one of the last examples of ‘authentic’ Chicago blues layed down by these blues giants. All the tracks are smoking. Three of the tracks are tributes to the Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, and Jimmy Reed. For fans of the golden age of Chicago blues this CD is a very worthwhile purchase!
By Grerory S. Willis.
Willie Mabon- Vocal,Piano,Blues Harp
Hubert Sumlin- Guitar Left Channel
Eddie Taylor- Guitar Right Chanel
Aron Burton- Bass
Casey Jones- Drums
01. Little Red Rooster
02. Lonely Blues
03. It´s A Shame
04. Moanin´Blues
05. Monday Woman (A Tribute to Jimmy Reed)
06. Louise (A Tribute to Howlin’ Wolf)
07. Seventh Son (Dedicated to Wilie Dixon)
08. I´m Mad
09. A Change Is Gonna Come

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