B.B. KING – Indianola Mississippi Seeds 1970

B.B. KING – Indianola Mississippi Seeds 1970
1989 Issue.


Oh lordie lord
Oh lordie lord
It hurts me so bad for us to part
But someday baby
I ain’t gonna worry my life anymore

So many nights since you’ve been gone
I’ve had to worry and grieve my life alone
But someday baby
I ain’t gonna worry my life anymore
B.B. King hasn’t made many better pop-flavored albums than this. Besides making Leon Russell’s “Hummingbird” sound like his own composition, King showed that you can put the blues into any situation and make it work. Carole King was one of several pop luminaries who did more than just hang on for the ride.
By Ron Wynn, All Music Guide.
In the late ’60s and early ’70s, B.B. King made a series of albums in Los Angeles using rock-world ringers and session players as ABC sought to replicate the chart success of “The Thrill Is Gone.” These recordings are mostly dispassionate filler, but this album is an exception. Produced by Bill Szymczyk and featuring guitarist Joe Walsh, pianists Carole King and Leon Russell, and drummer Russ Kunkel among its players, B.B. delivers minor classics in the stirring “King’s Special” and the hard blues “Until I’m Dead and Cold.” He also takes his only recorded turn at piano, vamping briefly through a flippant croon he calls “Nobody Loves Me But My Mother (And She Could Be Jiving Too).”
By Ted Drozdowski.
Although not quite as strong and cohesive as B.B. King’s previous release “Completely Well”, “Indianola Mississippi Seeds” contains some sweetly scintillating, chills up and down your spine musical vibes. These bluesy, rhythmic pulsations are supplied by a bevy of young, then unknown up and coming musicians, featuring the likes of Joe Walsh (rhythm guitar), Carole King (piano/electric piano) and Leon Russell (piano/electric piano). Together, along with “The King Of The Blues” himself, these four individuals (B.B. included) really put their own unique brand of polish to the tracks featured on “IMS”, such as “You’re Still My Woman”, “Don’t Ask Me No Questions”, “Until I’m Dead And Cold”, “Go Underground”, and let’s not forget the Russell-penned “Hummingbird”, where Leon gives his all both musically and lyrically here. “King’s Special”, the CD’s lone instrumental, is indeed special. It is on this track where “Lucille” gets wonderfully downright sassy, and she pulls no punches in the process! The main thing about these “Seeds”, is not only are they edible, they also contain an extra amount of sweetness, and will make any set of taste buds come to life! With that ultra-hip, snazzy CD cover (featuring a watermelon carved in the shape of a guitar), including the noteworthy musical selections featured on this disc, one would think MCA would give “IMS” the remaster treatment, to which it rightfully deserves (and thus is long overdue), complete with the original album cover artwork, including liner notes and a lyric sheet. One major drawback to various parts of the instrumentation, as featured on this “Compact Disc-Compact Price” version of “IMS”, is that Joe Walsh’s rhythm guitar, Leon Russell’s and Carole King’s piano/keyboard playing comes across as sounding barely audible in spots. Hopefully MCA will adress this issue if they decide to remaster “IMS”. These pre-mastered seeds are still quite tasty, nonetheless, and will leave you craving all the moreso. So please, by all means, eat to your heart’s content! After all, B.B. wouldn’t have it any other way for his devoted fans (even though I consider myself to be more of a casual fan, but a lover of B.B. King’s music, nonetheless).
By  David Hugaert.
B.B. King- Guitar, Vocals
Sherlie Mathews- Choir, Chorus
Clydie King- Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Merry Clayton- Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Venetta Fields- Vocals, Choir, Chorus
Sherlie Matthews- Vocals
Carole King- Piano, Piano (Electric)
Leon Russell- Piano, Conductor
Hugh McCracken- Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Joe Walsh- Guitar, Rhythm Guita
Paul Harris- Piano, Keyboards
Jimmie Haskell- Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
Gerald Jemmott, Bryan Garofalo- Bass
Herb Lovelle, Russ Kunkel- Drums
01. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother 1:26
02. You’re Still My Woman 6:04
03. Ask Me No Questions 3:08
04. Until I’m Dead And Cold 4:45
05. King’s Special 5:10
06. Ain’t Gonna Worry My Life Anymore 5:20
07. Chains And Things 4:53
08. Go Underground 4:03
09. Hummingbird 4:38

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2 Responses to “B.B. KING – Indianola Mississippi Seeds 1970”

  1. Still have this hanging around in the vinyl collection. It is a little on the pop-py side, and the spill over of big-time musicians into the band tends to modify, if not dominate, B.B.’s sound, but once he did “The Thrill Is Gone”, the cat was out of the bag. It’s hard to imagine all those years of doing the public B.B. performance several hundred times a year and then being let out of the cage. Saw King at Fillmore do one of his little break-outs where he played some jazz stuff that was otherwise entirely out of the context of the show, but let us all know that there was more in there than we were regularly getting to see. Lovely, and thanks for putting this out there for the folks to hear.

    • got few more interesting stuff of b.b. coming up soon.
      after they close my site with over 4.000 ups, now
      trying to re orginize and reupload some of the old rs upps.
      when i get the chance ,will up them all.
      by the way thx for ur messages dan.
      i appriciated them all.

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