Illinois JACQUET Quartet – Live at Schaffhausen March 1978

Illinois JACQUET Quartet – Live at Schaffhausen March 1978
2003 Issue.
Recorded live at Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 18. 3. 1978


This CD contains 77 min. (15 tunes) of previously unreleased music, recorded live in Switzerland in 1978. Illinois Jacquet is a powerful Texas-style tenor saxophonist, with a unique style blending the sound of Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins, plus plenty of blues and rhythm & blues feeling. Jacquet’s rhythm section is also comprised of major jazz stars: Hank Jones, George Duvivier and J.C. Heard. The repertoire is a tasty selection of jazz standards from the book of Basie, Ellington and Hefti, among others, plus a couple of originals. The CD showcases all facets of Jacquet’s great talent: from the roaring “The King”, to the gentle warmth of “Blue & Sentimental”, to the down-home, wailing and preaching blues “Blues From Louisiana.” The rhythm section is also featured throughout the program, especially the wonderful piano playing of the Teddy Wilson-inspired Hank Jones, who has two unaccompanied solo tunes.
Illinois Jacquet- (Tenor Sax)
Hank Jones- (Piano)
George Duvivier- (Bass)
J.C. Heard- (Drums)
01. The King (C. Basie) (5:10)
02. Jack The Bear (D. Ellington) (3:45)
03. Blues From Louisiana (I. Jacquet) (7:53)
04. C Jam Blues (D. Ellington – B. Bigard) (8:36)
05. Satin Doll (D. Ellington – B. Strayhorn) (6:38)
06. I Can’t Get Started (V. Duke, – I. Gershwin) (4:42)
07. Cute (N. Hefti) (3:17)
08. The Very Thought Of You (R. Noble) (2:53)
09. Oh, Look at Me Now (J. Bushkin, – J. DeVries) (3:36)
10. Blue and Sentimental (C. Basie – J. Livingston – M. David) (3:39)
11. In a Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington – M. Kurtz – I. Mills) (2:55)
12. George’s Blues (G. Duvivier) (5:21)
13. Things Ain’t What They Used to Be (M. Ellington – T. Persons) (6:52)
14. I Wanna Blow Now (B. Green) (8:07)
15. On the Sunny Side of the Street (J. McHugh – D. Fields) (3:19)

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