Tino GONZALES & Los Reyes del K.O – Funky Tortillas 2010

Tino GONZALES & Los Reyes del K.O – Funky Tortillas 2010


This album unites the gritty blues sounds of Los Reyes del K.O. with Chicago blues veteran Tino Gonzales’ soulful R&B and funky grooves–two generations of the blues! * Nearly 10 years have passed since Chicago blues veteran Tino Gonzales left the US and made his new home in Europe. After releasing four albums for the French label Dixiefrog, he has teamed up with the fiery Spanish duo Los Reyes del K.O. to capture their exciting, raw sounds on record, together with a few choice cuts of his own. * Called the “Buddy Guy and Junior Wells of Europe,” Los Reyes del K.O. offer a surprising glimpse of what the future may hold for the blues. Adrian Costa’s guitar prowess is on the cutting edge of brilliance with an authentic, sizzling approach, while Marcos Coll’s harmonica playing shows that he has skillfully applied what he has learned from the masters and fused it with his own fiery and passionate style. * Promo/review copies sent to relevant media including magazines, websites, and radio stations.
Adrian Costa- (Vocals), (Guitar),
B.B. King (Quotation Author),
Marcos Coll (Harmonica),
Tino Gonzales (Guitar).
01.Funky Tortillas 4:18
02.How Lucky Are We? 3:48
03.I Ain`t Gonna Pray 4:14
04.Cloak of Misery 6:46
05.We All Lose 5:09
06.The Last Time  4:15
07.Trying To Stop Thinking About You 6:06
08.Da Boy Can Play 5:58
09.We Gonna Paint the Town Red 3:59
10.Lord My Friend 8:33

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