Yoshida Brothers – Soulful 2002

Yoshida Brothers – Soulful 2002


Having incited a musical revolution in Japan, especially among the younger generations, the Yoshida Brothers are recognized for their valiant and adventuresome use of the Tsugaru Shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese lute which evolved in the Tsugaru region in the northern part of Japan. Embracing the distinct and penetrating voice of this striking instrument, whose origin can be traced back to the Arabic oud, and mixing it among textures that range from an expansive film soundtrack quality to a kind of world fusion rock to tracks squarely approaching folk blues and jazz, this duo’s ingenuity is surprisingly limitless, so much so that they have become superstars in their native land. At times, treating the shamisen more as a rock guitar or a banjo than with its traditional voicing, their creations repeatedly dazzle and move listeners, whether they be soft and fluid or driving and forceful. It takes only seconds of listening to understand why these brothers have created such a stir.
Yoshida Brothers have released three more hit albums in Japan: 2000?s Move, 2002?s Soulful, and 2003?s Frontier, with total sales approaching 300,000. Over the extraordinary course of their ascendant career, they have incorporated textures and sounds from various and sundry global music idioms into their unique artistry, including Peruvian folk, Spanish flamenco, Chinese flute, and rock ?n roll, all within the context of innovative yet authentic Tsugaru-shamisen.
01. Tabidachi (Starting On A Journey)
02. Hyakka Ryouran (Blooming)
03. Madrugada
04. Storm
05. Namonaki Oka (A Hill With No Name)
06. Tsuraru Jyangara Bushi (Kenichi Version)
07. Labyinth (Modern Second Movement)
08. Moyuru (Sprouting)
09. Fukaki Umi No Kanata (Beyond The Deep Sea)
10. Tsuraru Jyangara Bushi (Ryoichiro Version)
11. Storm (TM Mix)

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