Alberta HUNTER With Lovie AUSTIN's Blues Serenaders 1961

Alberta HUNTER With Lovie Austin’s Blues Serenaders 1961
Chicago-The Living Legends.
1991 Issue.


In 1961 she recorded Alberta Hunter with Lovie Austin’s Blues Serenaders, as part of Riverside’s Living Legends series. Austin’s songs included “Sweet Georgia Brown,” “C-Jam Blues,” and “Gallon Stomp.
This CD reissue is notable for two main reasons. It finds Alberta Hunter (who had retired from music in 1954 to become a nurse and who in the interim had only recorded once, two weeks earlier) in peak form on such numbers as “St. Louis Blues,” “Downhearted Blues” and “You Better Change.” In addition, it was pianist Lovie Austin’s first recording in a couple decades; she was nearly 74 at the time and working as pianist at a Chicago dancing school. Austin’s “Blues Serenaders” (a quintet also including trombonist Jimmy Archey, clarinetist Darnell Howard, bassist Pops Foster and drummer Jasper Taylor) has some concise solo space on the vocal pieces and takes three numbers (including Austin’s “Gallion Stomp”) as instrumentals. A well-conceived and historic set.
By Scott Yanow.
Alberta Hunter- (Vocals);
Lovie Austin- (Vocals, Piano);
Jimmy Archey- (Trombone);
Darnell Howard- (Clarinet);
Pops Foster- (Bass);
Jasper Taylor- (Drums)
01. St Louis Blues
02. Moanin’ Low
03. Downhearted Blues
04. Now I’m Satisfied
05. Sweet Georgia Brown
06. You Better Change
07. C Jam Blues
08. Streets Paved with Gold
09. Gallon Stomp
10. I Will Always Be In Love With You

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