Ahmad JAMAL with Voices – The Bright, Blue, and the Beautiful 1968

Ahmad JAMAL with Voices – The Bright, Blue, and the Beautiful 1968
Recorded February 12-13, 1968 at NY.


Jamal typically plays with a bassist and drummer; his current trio is with bassist James Cammack and drummer Idris Muhammad. At the Toronto Jazz Festival (June 2008) and perhaps elsewhere, Jamal’s group included innovative percussionist Manolo Badrena.[5] Jamal has also recorded with saxophonist George Coleman on the album The Essence; with vibraphonist Gary Burton on the recording “In Concert”; with the voices of the Howard A. Roberts Chorale on the recordings “Bright, Blue and Beautiful” and “Cry Young”; with brass, reeds, and strings celebrating his hometown of “Pittsburgh”; and with “The Assai Quartet”, among other non-trio achievements.
Sounds cheesy – but this is a pretty wonderful album, the kind that really gets at the dark genius of Jamal! Ahmad’s trio with Frank Gant and Jamil Sulieman is joined by the Howard A Roberts Chorale, set to arrangements by Jamal and Joe Kennedy that create these dreamy pillows of sound, pushing the voices forward like piles of feathers, supporting Ahmad’s lines on piano with amazing subtlety, evoking a really moody late night sound. Richard Evans produced, and the whol thing has that sophisticated groove of the best late 60s Cadet work. Titles include “Never Let Me Go”, “Wild Is The Wind”, “Yesterdays”, “Of Bass I Love”, and “By Myself”.
From Dusty Groove.
Bass- Jamil Sulieman
Choir- The Howard A. Roberts Chorale
Conductor- Hale Smith
Drums- Frank Grant
Piano- Ahmad Jamal
A1. Wild Is The Wind  2:38
A2. Ballad For Beverly  3:24
A3. Of Bass I Love  2:40
A4. Yesterdays  2:40
A5. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)  2:47
B1. At Long Last Love  2:50
B2. Never Let Me Go  2:23
B3. Gypsies In The Wind  2:55
B4. Lover Man  2:48
B5. By Myself  3:00

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