Abdullah IBRAHIM – No Fear, No Die 1990

Abdullah IBRAHIM – No Fear, No Die 1990
Soundtrack (S’en Fout La Mort)


Abdullah Ibrahim has written the soundtracks for a number of films, including the award winning Chocolat and, more recently, No Fear, No Die.[1] Since the end of apartheid, he has lived in Cape Town, and now divides his time between his global concert circuit, New York, and South Africa.
Claire Denis’ astonishing film begins as a troubling study of organized cockfighting, an activity common in the West Indies and many Caribbean communities abroad. Two black men living in France make a deal with a small-time French gangster to supply cocks for prize bouts in the bowels of a sleazy truck stop restaurant complex in the outskirts of Paris. A claustrophobic world which explodes when a favorite bird is blinded — with disastrous consequences for all. More than a look at a blood sport sub-culture, the films reveals itself as an uncompromising account of modern black man’s alienation. Imbued with taut emotional power, Abdullah Ibrahim’s music supports the film with an indelible naturalism which has long been Ibrahim’s trademark.

Ibrahim’s score for Claire Denis’s movie about cockfighting and black alienation might be the best jazz soundtrack since ‘Anatomy of a Murder.’
Abdullah Ibrahim- Piano, Compositions
Ricky Ford- Tenor Sax, Flute
Howard Alexander Young- Soprano & Alto Sax
Frank Lacy- Trombone
Jimmy Coezier- Baritone Sax
Buster Williams- Bass
Ben Riley- Drums
01. Calypso Minor 4:59
02. Angelica 6:29
03. Meditation II 3:38
04. Nisa 12:24
05. Kata 7:48
06. Meditation I 5:11
07. Calypso Major 5:02

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