Nappy BROWN – Just For Me 1988

Nappy BROWN – Just For Me 1988
1996 Issue.


I can quite literally say that this is one of the most underrated…no, COMPLETELY IGNORED albums of all time. Such a strange, varied, unique, GREAT album.
I know what you’re saying. “Who the hell is Nappy Brown?”
Why don’t you find the hell out.
By Lander.
By themonk.
Nappy Brown- Vocals
John Altman- Tenor Sax
Big Jay McNeely- Tenor Sax
Richard Studholme- Guitar, Harmonica
Andy Pyle- Bass
Geoff Nichols- Drums
01. Night Time 6:04
02. Bye Bye Baby 3:24
03. Things Have Changed 7:27
04. Just For Me 5:05
05. We Need To Love One Another 4:12
06. What More Can I Say 4:21
07. You Must Be Crazy Woman 3:31
08. Deap Sea Diver 4:38

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