W.C. CLARK – Texas Soul 1995

W.C. CLARK – Texas Soul 1995


1997 W.C. Handy Award Winner! “Best Blues Soul Album of The Year”
Although W.C. Clark does perform a few blues, this CD is essentially an R&B/soul session which puts the emphasis on Clark’s calm but emotional vocals (some of the lyrics are somewhat philosophical) and stinging guitar. The five-piece Kamikaze Horns are restricted to ensemble fills and riffs. Even if a certain predictability pervades the set, Clark (who in spots reminds one slightly of both Ray Charles and B.B. King) is a skilled perfomer in the idiom, making this a date recommended to fans of the Stax sound of the 1960s.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
W.C. Clark- Guitar, vocals
Derek O’Brien- Guitar  and Guitar solos
Riley Osborne- Piano, Organ
Nick Connolly- Piano, Organ
Gerald Spencer- Bass
Larry Fulcher- Bass
Tommy Shannon- Bass
Chris Layton- Drums
C.C. Pinkston- Drums
The Kamikaze Horns:
Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff- Soprano, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Ward Smith- Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
Steve Howard- Trumpet
Randy Zimmerman- Trombone
John Touchy- Trombone
01. I Only Have Love for You 3:59
02. Just the One I’m Looking For 2:44
03. Reminscing  4:05
04. Why Do Things Happen to Me? 3:26
05. Rough Edges 3:50
06. Leave My Heart Alone 3:55
07. That’s Where It’s At 4:09
08. Funny How Time Slips Away  5:18
09. You’ll Need Another Favor 3:47
10. I Want to Keep You 2:58
11. Ain’t No Fun to Me 2:39
12. Baby, What About Me? 3:54

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