Mat "Guitar" MURPHY – Way Down South 1990

Mat “Guitar” MURPHY – Way Down South 1990


The dazzling guitarist has recorded very sparingly as a leader over the course of his long career, preferring the relative anonymity of sideman duties behind Memphis Slim, James Cotton, and the Blues Brothers. But he acquits himself most competently here, mixing blues, funk, R&B, and a little jazz into his sparkling fretwork. His brother Floyd Murphy, a Memphis blues guitar legend himself, is on hand for a family reunion.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
Murphy’s feature debut is packed with the same lucid excitement the guitarist has accorded Memphis Slim, James Cotton, the Blues Brothers, and many more. His clean tone and surety of inflection are on display, and his guitar-toting brother Floyd-a former Sun Records sessionsman-is on hand to give the shuffles and down-home originals even more appeal. Matt’s singing, though, tries one’s patience and sometimes the two guitarists heat up predictably-or, worse yet, stumble.
By Frank John Hadley.
First of all as a true Blues Brothers fan this album was a must for me. And after a several days of patient wait the legendary guitar master has come with the telecaster and till that day I’m enjoying the smoothest and most clean guitar sound with really great vocals. And also this album introduces us another great guitar talent Floyd Murphy,Matt’s brother. As a last word I can say that this album is a must for every real blues brothers fan and anyone who enjoys the smooth telecaster sound. Let’s BOOGIE
Matt “Guitar” Murphy- (Guitar, Vocals),
Mel Brown- (Piano),
Tony Coleman- (Drums),
Russell Jackson- (Bass),
Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff- (Saxophone),
Derek O’Brien (Rhythm Guitar),
Angela Strehli- (Background Vocals),
Floyd Murphy- (Guitar, Drums),
Chester King- (Harmonica),
Eugene Carrier- (Organ, Piano),
Donna Pearl- (Background Vocals).
01. Way Down South 4:33
02. Big Six 4:48
03. Gonna Be Some Changes Made 3:18
04. Big City Takedown 4:43
05. Buck’s Boogie 4:28
06. Thump Tyme 3:39
07. Matt’s Guitar Boogie #2 3:10
08. Low Down and Dirty 5:19
09. Gimme Somma Dat 6:43
10. Blue Walls 6:11

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