Nicole HENRY With Eddie HIGGINS Trio – Teach Me Tonight 2004

Nicole HENRY With Eddie HIGGINS Trio – Teach Me Tonight 2004


An even deeper jazz set than Nicole Henry’s first album — recorded with the Eddie Higgins Trio, and done in a style that’s traditional, yet extremely soulful! There’s a sound here that reminds us a lot of Carmen Lundy — as Nicole’s singing jazz, but doing so in a mode that’s never draped with any of the torchy cliches of other singers — and which is as informed by a history of soul music as it is more standard influences from jazz. The recording quality is great — thanks to the top-shelf Venus Records standards — and titles include “Summer Wind”, “Angel Eyes”, “Young At Heart”, “Teach Me Tonight”, “Lover Come Back To Me”, “Cry Me A River”, and “Blame It On My Youth”.
From Dusty Groove.
I took a chance buying this CD as I had not heard Ms. Henry before, but I am a big Eddie Higgins fan. The trio provides excellent accompaniment as expected, and I enjoyed the tune selection. The vocal performance was good, but not exceptional. Ms. Henry seems more comfortable in the upper register, and her throat sometimes sounds tight, almost like nervousness. I liked the music more the second time through, which I thought was promising. At this time, Ms. Henry seems to lean more toward Whitney Houston than Ella, and may eventually find her niche in pop. Overall, a good effort and pleasant music that makes me curious about the direction Ms. Henry will take from here.
I first heard Nicole Henry sing at my church in Hollywood, FL. Her voice gave me chills as it was angelic and powerful. Since then I have been following her music and although I did not think she could get any better than the first time I heard her perform, to my amazement she does. Anyone who loves to be inspired by a pure vocalist with talent beyond ones imagination should at the very least listen to this amazing vocalist sing one song and after that I am sure you will want all of her albums.
By Tina M. Burns.
For the second week in a row, the CD collaboration with the Eddie Higgins Trio is #1 on Japan’s HMV Vocal Jazz Best Seller Chart. It also finds itself at #5 on the All-Around Jazz Best Seller Chart. (It debuted last week at #2.) A Venus Records release, this CD features Nicole Henry as vocalist, Eddie Higgins on piano, Jay Leonhardt on bass, and Joe Ascione on drums. “Teach Me Tonight” was recorded in NYC by producers Todd Barkan and Tetsuo Hara, and was released March 23, 2005 in Japan. The release is being reinforced with a 2-week, 10-city tour by Nicole Henry. Last night in Osaka, Japan, Nicole Henry wrapped the first leg of the tour with the Eddie Higgins Trio, and the upcoming week will find Henry with New York’s Janice Friedman on piano and a Japanese rhythm section.

This is the second CD Nicole Henry has released in Japan. The first CD, “The Nearness of You” (Banister Records, U.S./Norma Music, Japan) was Nicole’s debut as a solo artist. It peaked at #2 in Japan for four weeks, second only to Norah Jones, and it stayed in the top 10 sales chart for over four months. Stateside, “The Nearness of You” reached #27 on the Jazz Week radio chart. The past year created many special appearances for Henry including the Lincoln Center with the Juilliard Jazz Octet, as well as the Rainbow Room with the Cab Calloway Orchestra.

Once back in the U.S., Henry will return to the studio to record for a second release on Banister Records and will return to domestic performances. Expect the second Banister Records release in mid-August, as well as a return tour to Japan August 21.
From AAJ.
Nicole Henry- Vocal
Eddie Higgins- Piano
Jay Leonhart- Bass
Joe Ascione- Drums
01. Lover Come Back To Me (3:57)
02. Blue Skies (3:30)
03. Teach Me Tonight (4:39)
04. Blame It On My Youth (5:15)
05. I’ve Got You Under My Skin (3:43)
06. Angel Eyes (7:01)
07. Summer Wind (3:57)
08. Cry Me A River (6:00)
09. Night And Day (3:51)
10. You Don’t Know What Love Is (5:42)
11. ‘S Wonderful (3:33)
12. Young At Heart (3:37)

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