Ramsey LEWIS – Live In Tokyo 1968

Ramsey LEWIS – Live In Tokyo 1968
Recorded live in the Sankei Hall in Tokyo in 1968.


Pianist Ramsey Lewis has probably symbolized a style and a truly personified Epoque. The 60s, for the latter: those of a certain “reckless”! As for style, immediately recognizable: that of a classical trio but who engages in unsolicited benefits obvious, irresistible swing.
Indeed, in those years, this trio was especially delighted the clubs where you jerk, all night long (believe me, I personally attest!): The greatest hits of the Trio frequently came from themselves, they were recorded, mostly in those environments “live” wisely overheated!
Ramsey Lewis- Piano, Keyboards
Cleveland Eaton- Bass
Maurice White- Drums
A1. The In Crowd
A2. Cecille
A3. Unchain My Heart
04. What The World Needs Now
A5. Song For My Father
B1. Soul Ginza
B2. Hang On Sloopy
B3. Ode To Billy Joe
B4. Wade In The Water

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3 Responses to “Ramsey LEWIS – Live In Tokyo 1968”

  1. Thanks, Monk.
    I always found it kind of interesting that this was Maurice White’s launch pad for EW&F. Would have provided a unique vector from which to come at popular funk.

  2. Welcome.
    That’s me, Monsieur Trivia.

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