Willie MABON – Shake That Thing 1973

Willie MABON – Shake That Thing 1973
2000 Remastered Issue. BB 435.2


This review is from: Shake That Thing (Audio CD)
Another classic Black & Blue recording seeing the light of day in the States. This album was recorded in Toulouse, France and Amstelveen, Holland in 1973 and shows Willie Mabon in top form on vocals, piano, and harmonica playing all originals. He’s backed by The Aces (Louis Myers, lead guitar; Dave Myers, bass; Fred Below, drums) and Jimmy Rogers (rhythm guitar) and what a great band they make! Solid performances throughout, and the recording quality is superb.
The disc ends with 3 songs lives recorded with Koko Taylor on vocals on another version of the title track. Also presented are alternate takes of “Got to Have Some” and “Shake That Thing” which were previously unavailable.
All said, a must have album.
By C. E. Ivy.
Jimmy Rogers- Rhythm Guitar
Dave Myers- Bass
Fred Below- Drums
Willie Mabon- Piano, Vocals
Louis Myers- Lead Guitar
Tracks 1 to 12: Recorded December 14, 1973 at the Condorcet Studio in Toulouse, France
Tracks 13 to 17: Recorded live December 1, 1973 at the Casimir Hall in Amstelveen, Holland.1974
Except track 1, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 2000
01. Shake That Thing (Alternate Take)  4:38
02. Poison Ivy  2:39
03. Got To Have Some (Take 2)  3:58
04. Riverboat  5:49
05. Worry Blues  3:56
06. Hungry  3:46
07. Hey Girl  4:50
08. I Enjoyed Myself In Pau  3:09
09. I’m Mad  3:15
10. Lover Girl  4:33
11. Got To Have Some (Take 1)  4:04
12. Shake That Thing (Original Take)  4:34
13. Monologue Dave Myers  0:20
14. I Don’t Know  4:18
15. Monologue  0:07
16. Cold Chilly Woman  5:07
17. Shake That Thing  6:57
Vocals – Koko Taylor

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