Zora YOUNG & The Ravenswood Connection – I Got The Right To Sing The Blues 1996

Zora YOUNG & The Ravenswood Connection – I Got The Right To Sing The Blues 1996


Distinctly modern work which was a succesful, tasteful and controlled merging of the jazz stimulus of ‘New Blowtop Blues’ with echoes of Elmore James of ‘Stroking’, the funky touches of ‘Football Widow’, the Chicago style of ‘Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones’, the highly-personal new reading of ‘The Thrill Is Gone’, with no attempt to follow in the steps of B.B. King, and I’m Ready, re-styled as an acoustic duo. But in the work’s protagonist is Zora’s voice, which ranges here and there while leaving her personal stamp everywhere, capable of reading both her own lyrics as well as those of other song writers
Indeed, cannot be ignored the merits of her accompanists, Spike Ravenswood (Uwe Gleich), Vince Willis, Christopher Lopes and James Bell (Carey Bell’s son) have created a stimulating sound backing without, however, one covering up the other, and without seeking out solo space just to build up their own egos to the detriment of the final result. In short, a band arranged to promote a first-class voice.
Despite the prominent presence of celebrated blues artist Howlin’ Wolf in her family tree, singer Zora Young grew up singing not blues, but gospel. Even when the Mississippi native shook off her roots at the age of seven to relocate with her family to Chicago, she attended the Greater Harvest Baptist Church and continued to sing gospel. It wasn’t until later that she switched over to R&B, and evolved into a powerhouse blues vocalist with three decades of experience behind her. She has performed with a long list of artists, including Junior Wells, Jimmy Dawkins, Bobby Rush, Buddy Guy, Professor Eddie Lusk, Albert King, and B.B. King. Her recording credits include collaborations with Willie Dixon, Sunnyland Slim, Mississippi Heat, Paul de Lay, Maurice John Vaughn, and Hubert Sumlin among others.

Her own recordings as a solo artist include releases from the labels Delmark, Black Lightning, and Deluge. Young has also performed on both stage and television. She is a veteran of more than 30 tours of Europe, and has been a featured performer three times at the Chicago Blues Festival, including headlining this world’s largest blues fest in ’06. She has performed throughout North America, and on stages in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Tai Pei, and Turkey. Her albums include 1991’s Travelin’ Light from Deluge Records and three releases from Delmark Records, Learned My Lesson in 2000 and Tore Up from the Floor Up in 2005, and her most recent, The French Connection in 2009. Earlier in 2009, she also released Sunnlyand, a tribute to her mentor, the late blues pianist/singer Sunnyland Slim, on saxophonists’ Sam Burckhardt’s Airway label, with special guests Hubert Sumlin, Bob Stroger, Barrelhouse Chuck, and Steve Freund. Zora is also featured on the title cut on Delmark’s 2009 CD and DVD, It Ain’t Over! Delmark Celebrates 55 Years of Blues!
Zora Young- Vocals
Spike Ravenswood- Guitar
Vince Willis- Keyboards
Christopher Lopes- Bass
James Bell- Drums
01. New Blowtop Blues (3:52)
02. Stroking (3:04)
03. Bus Station (4:37)
04. Football Widow (4:10)
05. Tired of Travelling (4:42)
06. Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones (7:04)
07. The Thrill Is Gone (4:40)
08. I Got The Right To Sing The Blues (2:44)
09. Baby, Want You Ride with Me Tonight (6:54)
10. Hoochie Coochie Woman (3:06)
11. I’m Ready (2:44)
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