The NIGHTHAWKS – Live at The Psyche Delly & El Macombo 1977

The NIGHTHAWKS – Live at The Psyche Delly & El Macombo 1977
The Psyche Delly in Bethesda, Maryland, 1976
and at The El Macombo in Toronto, Canada, 1977
The best of boogie blues w. 12 tracks at Psyche Delly, 1976 & 4 tracks at El Macombo, 1977


What a great blues band. The Psyche Delly in Bethesda M.D. was the site of this amazing live performance by the Nighthawks. Jim Thackery and Mark Wenner tear through “Shake Your Moneymaker”. “Can’t Get Next To You” is played like no band I’ve ever heard. There are bonus tracks here not on the original release. Check out “Ubangi Stomp”, and try to keep still. …. Even the intro is good. A must have..
By  Kevin Monahan.
The Nighthawks, at their heart, are a bar band in the best sense of the term — they’re at their best in a live setting. Live at the Psychedelly captures them at their mid-’70s peak, running through standards (“Jail House Rock,” “Hound Dog”) …    Full Descriptionand contemporary rockers (“Can’t Get Next to You,” “Whammer Jammer,” “Tripe Face Boogie”), with fire and energy. The CD reissue includes four bonus tracks recorded at the El Mocambo.
By Thom Owens.
Mark Wenner- Vocals & Harp
Jimmy Thackery- Vocals & Guitar
Jan Zukowski- Bass Guitar
Pete Ragusa- Drums
01. Intro: Josh 1:15
02. Jailhouse Rock 3:22
03. Hound Dog 1:55
04. Can’t Get Next To You 3:20
05. Shake and Fingerpop 9:23
06. Whammer Jammer 2:19
07. Tripe Face Boogie 2:59
08. Nineteen Years Old 8:58
09. Shake Your Moneymaker 8:40
10. Intro 0:21
11. Ubangi Stomp 3:17
12. Mystery Dance 2:15
13. Boppin’ The Blues 3:53
14. Talked To My Baby 5:38

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