Zola MOON – Down To My Bones 2002

Zola MOON – Down To My Bones 2002


Willie Dixon once said to Koko Taylor ‘That’s what what the world needs, a woman with a voice like yours that sings the blues’. If Willie were alive today you can bet he’d be saying the same thing to Zola Moon. Zola serves up some wild rocking blues complete with gut wrenching vocals, hot guitar licks and some pretty mean harp-and shows that the blues don’t have to be the same old thing, they can be fresh, original and very, very HOT!
Zola Moon’s talent as a singer and a songwriter cannot be denied. She can be hurt by the end of a relationship or by economic hardship or by the state of the world, but she never gives in to self pity or despair; she’s too tough, gutsy and hip for that. She keeps bouncing back and fighting back, because that’s her nature; her voice won’t be stilled. And what a voice it is, capable of hard-rockin’ joy, bitter sorrow, deeply felt love.
01. Times Is On My Side
02. St. James Infimrary
03. Not My Fault
04. Help Me
05. Me. Alligator
06. I Don’t Think So
07. These Steel Bars
08. Cracks
09. Bad Dog Fight
10. Hush, Sweet Daddy
11. Don’t Come Knockin
12. Fernando
13. Night Life
14. Little Red Rooster
15. Tin Pan Alley
16. Big City Blues

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