Pat METHENY – Secret Story Live 2001 (AVI)

Pat METHENY – Secret Story Live 2001 (AVI)
Recorded Live in New Brunswick, NJ


Innovative jazz guitarist Pat Metheny and his seven-piece ensemble are captured in peak form in this concert video, recorded during a 1992 appearance at the State Theater in Brunswick, NJ. Selections include “How Insensitive,” “Above the Treetops,” “See the World,” “Rain River,” and more.
By Mark Deming. AMG.
I haven’t seen all the other Metheny DVDs so I can’t compare this one to any of them. I do own More Travels on VHS, which is not strictly speaking a live concert, as there was no audience present for that live performance. There are distracting “arsty” moments on that video, plus they cut to interviews and other stuff that after a while take away from the video.
There are no distractions on this presentation, just an hour and a half of great music. While this DVD is not the Pat Metheny Group, it IS live in front of an enthusiastic audience, and there was reason for their jubilation. This is a sublime performance of a great collection of tunes performed by a stellar group of players. The lineup includes the late 80’s PMG sans Lyle Mays. In his place are two of my favorite keyboard players, Jim Beard and Gil Golstein. Their’s is a tough job, as they had to play all the orchestral and supporting parts from a very dense studio album. They perform their tasks admirably, and together with Mark lederer and David Blamires, who also have their hands full supplying all the brass parts and adding their considerable vocal and percussion talents to the many layered textures, the sound is nearly as full and detailed as the original studio recording. Rounding out the sound is an added guitarist and Armando Marcal supplying beautiful colors and percussion. What a great show! And until now I thought I’d have to rely on my memory of that ecstatic, singular night! The sound is great, the mix nearly letter perfect. The picture is grainy and not as sharp as one would hope for a DVD, but the content is so good, this can easily be overlooked. This is a straightforward no nonsense concert video, just nine great musicians reverently and joyfully laying down some of Pat’s most heartful and honest music from the happy/sad but always beautiful Secret Story CD. Highly recommended.
By  Brian Whistler.
Pat Metheny– Guitar
Steve Rodby– Bass
Paul Wertico– Drums
Armando Marcal– Percussion
Gil Goldstein– Keyboards
Jim Beard– Keyboards
David Blamires– Vocal
Mark Ledford– Vocal
Torsten De Winkel– Guitar
01. Above The Treetops
02. Facing West
03. Rain River
04. How Insensitive
05. Finding And Believing
06. Always And Forever
07. See The World
08. Antonia
09. Truth Will Always Be, The
10. Tell Her You Saw Me

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