Tracy Lee NELSON – 500 Years Of The Blues 2006

Tracy Lee NELSON – 500 Years Of The Blues 2006


This is Tracy’s first CD, recorded in his bathroom on a 4trk recorder. The mics were taped on the bathroom walls. He wanted to get the natural acoustic sounds from the room, it took him ten months to finish.
So you want a little of the blues? Here he is…introducing Tracy Lee Nelson. One of the finest Native blues guitarists of the decade! Here in his first release he plays an assortment of acoustic blues, in the style of Robert Johnson, no amps, no fuzz, just pure acoustic Native Blues. Tracy is being noticed as an excellent songwriter whose compositions cut to the bone. Tracy and his band “Native Blues” have been a hit over the last year at Native Music Festivals around Indian Country. You’d better get this one now…it is already classic in my book. Sorry, no CD at this time, this is a debut release produced by Tracy himself… all proceeds go directly to Tracy himself, hey there! Support Native business as well!!!
01. Poor Little Indian (3:26)
02. Native No Respect (2:57)
03. Your Stepping On My Blues (3:18)
04. 500 Years Of The Blues (3:57)
05. Native American Holocaust (5:04)
06. Cross n Robes (3:31)
07. At Peace With No Honor (3:30)
08. Pretty Bear (5:30)
09. Fire In Her Eyes (3:03)
10. Sliding Through La Jolla (2:31)

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