Albert COLLINS – Trash Talkin' 1969

Albert COLLINS – Trash Talkin’ 1969


I’m not lyin’ it’s not a fake
You can tell by the look on my face
Just so much a man can take
Sooner or later he’s gotta break
Yes, I’m down on my bendin’ knee
Weeping an’ bendin’ like a willow tree
A1. Harris County Line-Up   2:20
A2. Conversation With Collins   5:19
A3. Jawing   2:12
A4. Grapeland Gossip   2:50
A5. Chatterbox   2:28
A6. Trash Talkin’   4:07
B1. Medley: Baby What You Want Me to Do / Rock Me Baby   4:05
B2. Lip Service   3:18
B3. The Things I Used to Do   3:22
B4. Back-Yard Back-Talk   2:51
B5. Tongue Lashing   2:55
B6. And Then It Started Raining   2:45

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