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Ahmed Abdul-MALIK – Jazz Sahara 1958

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Ahmed Abdul-MALIK – Jazz Sahara 1958
Recorded in NY, October 1958
1993 Reissue. OJCCD-1820-2


Ahmed Abdul-Malik is the first to introduce middleeastern music of his kind. Abdul-malik’s music is unique and introduces far beyond his time. One of the istruments he uses, (kanoon) has a very distinct sound. As he played the kanoon he expresses feelings like no other being. In addition, the Oud also has a distinct tones that only he can explain. One of the greatest joy of listening to Abdul-Malik’s music is being able to go beyond and experience his moods. I really feel that if many people take the time to listen to his music, they would discover and unfold the hidden treasures of who they really are. Abdul-Malik’s music speaks to you and communicates with your soul. Abdul-Malik’s music is an example of how far the mind can travel. Even though he has passed on, the legacy still remains. Abdul-Malik left a message for us to carry on his journey. This is just a begining.
By  Halima Abdul-Malik.
This Album reissue is an early example of fusing jazz with world music. Abdul-Malik switches between bass and oud; interacts closely with the droning violin of Naim Karacand, Jack Ghanaim’s kanoon (a 72-string instrument), and Mike Hamway’s darabeka (a percussive drum); and mixes in Al Harewood’s drums and (on three of the four selections) the tenor of Johnny Griffin. The music is a qualified success, essentially Middle Eastern folk music with Griffin added in. This set is interesting and, in its own way, innovative but not essential.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Johnny Griffin- (Tenor Sax)
Naim Karacand- (Violin)
Ahmed Abdul-Malik- (Bass, Oud)
Al Harewood- (Drums)
Bilal Abdurrahman- (Duf)
Jack Ghanaim- (Kannon)
Mike Hemway- (Darabeka)
01. Ya Annas (Oh, People)  11:10
02. Isma’a (Listen)  9:10
03. El Haris (Anxious)  11:28
04. Farah ‘Alaiyna (Joy Upon Us)  6:59

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