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Albert CUMMINGS – Feel So Good Live! 2008

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Albert CUMMINGS – Feel So Good Live! 2008


As I read through my current issue of Blues Revue magazine, I came upon an ad on the inside back cover talking about a new live release from one of my favorite artists, Albert Cummings. It seems like such a long time ago that I saw Albert live during a very cold and wintry night this past January in Grafton, Wisconsin that I thought I’d order this CD for me and a buddy of mine who really digs Albert. Well, what follows is what I found when I opened the package on Monday……

I know they can do all sorts of things with packaging nowadays, but the two CDs came with no outer cellophane wrapping. However, there was a little sticky tape that you always must peel off the top to open the CD. Inside I saw a big toothy grin picture of Albert with what appeared to be his actual signature. I can’t imagine he would sign every copy even though the ink on the signature is different than the ink on the picture. So what I ended up doing is opening my friend’s CD too and sure enough, the signatures are slightly different. Could it be that Albert signed these copies? I guess I’ll never know.

Starting off in the first and second slots are two toe tapping renditions of an Albert Cummings song called “Party Right Here” and a non-Albert song of “Why Me”. These merely set the stage and get the listeners ears and body moving as Albert likes to do when performing live.

Next up, song three is also an Albert Cummings song by the name of “Sleep”. This one is a slower paced and beautiful song with great lead guitar, bass guitar and drum work. A more or less groove song highlighting the beautiful tone coming out of Albert’s Fender Strat. This is the type of song that you hope to hear while driving on some deserted highway in the middle of nowhere.

Song four is a wonderfully blended medley of Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man” and a song called “Dixie Chicken”. Unlike the slower Muddy Waters version of “Hoochie Coohie Man” that most of us are familiar with, this one is a little more up tempo blending nicely with “Dixie Chicken” which has some audience participation in it.

Of course, no live Albert Cummings CD would be complete without “Barrel House Blues” which is not an Albert original. It’s actually written by Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon and I’m sure we all know who they backed at one time, a virtuoso by the name of Stevie Ray Vaughn. However, Albert makes this song his own and it could easily be mistaken for his signature song. Albert backed by Daniel Broad on bass guitar and Aaron Scapin on drums, gives it his all on this one. Oh my, does it bring back memories of the show I saw. This is also a song I better keep out of the disk rotation in the car, because I see a speeding ticket in my future as a result if I don’t. smile

Song six is another Albert original entitled “Tell It Like It Is” which we all probably know that Albert does not only on stage, but in real life too.

Song seven is “Rock Me Baby” which was written by none other than Riley (B.B.) King and is a wonderful rendition of this older song. Albert stretches his vocal talents on this one and this is the song that everyone in the place must get up and dance to. As the lyrics imply, “I want you to roll me baby, like your grandma rolled her biscuit dough”. Oh yes A.C., we know what you mean!

Song eight is a hard driving traveling song called ‘Your Own Way”, written by Albert Cummings.

In position nine is the slowest paced song on the album entitled “Together As One” which was also written by Albert. This song combines everything that is great about Albert Cummings, his excellent voice, great guitar skills and the backing of two very capable players in Dan and Aaron. This one makes you want to reach out and hug the person you truly Love, take that person by the hand and dance with him or her hoping the song will never end. The best song on the album…Yes, even better than “Barrel House Blues”! OK, OK as good as “Barrel House Blues”.

After the emotion of “Together As One” is still lingering, Albert doesn’t want you to get all melancholy on him, so he brings you right back up with song ten “Blues Make Me Feel So Good”. This is truly a wonderful recording of a great song again written by Albert Cummings.

And if that wasn’t enough, what a way to finish off the fun with a rousing rendition of a little Led Zeppelin with “Rock And Roll”. “It’s been a long time, been a long time
been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time”……since I saw Albert Live!!

The only bad thing about this CD is that it’s only eleven songs long. I could have listened to another eleven and still not had by fill of Albert Cummings live. But I guess I’ll just have to find him playing somewhere myself!! What a wonderful Live CD, very raw with the crowd noise included……I say buy it, if you really dig Albert Cummings!
By BluesMan.
Albert Cummings- (Vocals, Guitar);
Daniel Broad- (Bass Guitar, Background Vocals);
Aaron Scapin- (Drums).
01. Party Right Here  3.34
02. Why Me  3.07
03. Sleep  6.03
04. Hoochie Coochie Man/Dixie Chicken Medley  8.38
05. Barrelhouse Blues   7.18
06. Tell It Like It Is  3.35
07. Rock Me Baby  6.22
08. Your Own Way  5.30
09. Together As One  7.32
10. Blues Makes Me Feel So Good  3.54
11. Rock and Roll  3.10
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