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Big Bill BROONZY – Rockin In Chicago (1949-53) 2007

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Big Bill BROONZY – Rockin In Chicago (1949-53) 2007


Big Bill Broonzy was an enormous influence on the early European blues movement from the early 1950s: his acoustic tours promoted by folk and jazz promoters made him the pre-eminent bluesman (along with sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee) on the scene for a short time…yet his fame as an ethnic down-home performer was based to an extent on a misconception. Although he had performed in this style prior to 1936, Big Bill Broonzy was in fact one of the pioneers of the Chicago band style, making a slew of electric horn driven hit records for a number of labels. After 1951, Broonzy inexplicably returned to his folk-blues roots, recording with Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, and Leadbelly. An accomplished acoustic performer: it is for this period that he is best remembered in Europe. During the later 1960s blues boom, he was seen as somewhat academic and fuddy-duddy, and not as much cited or covered as say, Muddy Waters or Robert Johnson. An exception was his classic and chilling ‘Keys To The Highway’ recorded by Derek And The Dominoes on their classic “Layla” album. Here we have 27 of his amazing and seldom-heard rockin’ Chicago sides.
01. You’ve Been Mistreatin’ Me 2:54
02. (I’m A) Wonderin’ Man 3:05
03. I Love My Whiskey 3:02
04. I Stay Blue All the Time 2:23
05. Five Feet Seven [Who’s Been Foolin’ You] 3:21
06. Keep Your Hands off Her 2:52
07. Mindin’ My Own Business [Mercury Version] 3:06
08. Hey Hey 2:51
09. Stump Blues 2:57
10. Get Back [Black, Brown and White] 3:01
11. Willie Mae Blues 2:48
12. Mopper’s Blues [Moppin’ Blues] 2:37
13. Hollerin’ Blues [Hollerin’ and Cryin’ the Blues] 3:05
14. Leavin’ Day 2:59
15. Southbound Train 2:58
16. You Changed 2:35
17. Jacqueline 2:24
18. Lonesome 2:47
19. Little City Woman 2:45
20. Romance Without Finance 3:03
21. By Myself [All by Myself] 3:02
22. Diggin’ My Potatoes 2:41
23. Bright Eyes 2:21
24. Mindin’ My Own Business [Chess Version] 2:26
25. Never Never 2:39
26. Horse Shoe Over My Door 3:05
27. Shirt Tail 3:10

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