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Big Bill MORGANFIELD – Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005

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Big Bill MORGANFIELD – Bellinzona Piazza Blues Festival 2005
Thx To *Terry*


Piazza Blues Festival (Bellinzona, Switzerland) has evolved over the years and has grown to become one of the most important European blues festivals.
Big Bill Morganfield- Guitar & Vocals
Brian Bisesi- Guitar
Ted Walters- Bass
Kenny Smith- Drums
Special Guests:
Bob Margolin- Guitar & Vocals (#10-12)
Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith- Harmonica & Vocals (#10-12
01. Band’s Intro 4:09
02. Dead Ass Broke 4:15
03. Baby Lee 5:44
04. Same Old Thing 4:44
05. Don’t Go No Farther 4:12
06. High Heel Sneakers 4:50
07. Hoochie Coochie Girl 3:54
08. Anything Just For You 3:09
09. My Love Is Real 4:00
10. Mannish Boy 5:56
11. Blow Wind Blow 4:48
12. Band’s Outro 2:12

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Big Bill MORGANFIELD – Born Lover 2009

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Big Bill MORGANFIELD – Born Lover 2009


With a handful of studio albums under his belt, Big Bill Morganfield – the son of Chicago blues legend McKinley Morganfield a/k/a Muddy Waters – is well on his way towards establishing his own distinctive voice and legacy in the blues. Morganfield’s fourth album, Born Lover, does a great job of further distancing the singer, songwriter, and skilled guitarist from under the long shadow of his father with a dozen hot performances.
The original “X-Rated Lover” takes up where the title track left off, moving the storyline into the bedroom with a different perspective and a bawdier set of lyrics. The song benefits from some sizzling fretwork and Guyger’s rowdy blasts of harmonica. Born Lover closes with an energetic reading of Willie Dixon’s “One Kiss,” Morganfield belting out the lyrics while the harp blows freely and the intertwined guitars sing clear.

The Reverend’s Bottom Line
To his credit, Big Bill Morganfield has seldom used his father’s name and reputation to further his own career, preferring instead to forge his own sound and identity. Yeah, it’s still deep Chicago blues music, but Morganfield infuses his performances with an undeniable passion and energy, throwing in a little soul and jazz elements to keep things fresh and honest.

With his dad’s former guitarist, “Steady Rolllin'” Bob Margolin once again handling the production chores (and lending a hand with his instrument), Morganfield’s Born Lover is another solid effort from an artist that is slowly shaping the classic Chicago blues sound in his own image.
By Reverend Keith A. Gordon.
Big Bill Morganfield continues to forge his own sound with a delicate balancing act on this, his forth album. He pays tribute to his dad and the Chicago sound he helped create on the title track, but he has a jazzy side that keeps moving the blues in a more sophisticated direction as well. Al Duncan’s “Too Late Brother” opens things with a juke-joint rocker in the style of Morganfield’s dad, with Steve Guyger’s harp tossing some fat on the fire. “High Gas Prices,” a Morganfield original, gives the country blues an urban edge with a tune too many sang in the waning months of 2009. Morganfield sings Pearl Woods’ “I Play Dirty” with a winning combination of humor and aggression, with Clark Stern’s organ giving the tune a sanctified feel. “Who’s the Fool,” another original, is a shuffle on the familiar subject of a faithless woman, and Morganfield growls out the lyric with plenty of panache. What really distinguishes Morganfield from his dad is his way with love songs. Muddy always sounded dangerous, even when he was proclaiming his passion. Big Bill’s voice is smoother and more mellow, and when he sings a soulful tune like Buddy Guy’s neo-R&B ballad “My Love Is Real,” his voice has a seductive power his dad lacked. On Howlin’ Wolf’s “My Last Affair” he turns up the wattage and bares his tortured soul with a hopeless vulnerability that’s enhanced by some stinging guitar work. Former Waters guitarist Bob Margolin, the man behind Morganfield’s first two sets, produced the album and kept things grounded in the traditional Chicago sound. Guyger’s harp is splendid throughout, but with three guitarists playing in the session — Morganfield, Margolin, and Brian Bisesi — some detailed liner notes would have been helpful to determine who’s playing on the various tracks.
By J. Poet.
It’s hard to follow in your parents’ footsteps, especially when your dad is Muddy Waters.  Big Bill Morganfield didn’t start out as a blues performer – he didn’t even start playing until after the death of his father – but in the 10 years since he won a W C Handy Award for Best New Blues Artist his music career has continued to move forward.  His most recent release is Born Lover.  This is classic Chicago blues, with a retro sound from the 60s and 70s.  Big Bill has a deep and powerful voice and he is a fine slide guitar player. The Chicago musicians backing him on this CD are excellent, including Bob Margolin on guitar (who played in the Muddy Waters band in the 1970s), Chuck Stern on keyboard, and Steve Guyger on harmonica.  The songs are a varied collection, including Buddy Guy’s “My Love is Real,” Little Walter’s “Its Too Late Brother,” Snooky Prior’s “Peace of Mind,” and Muddy Waters’ “Born Lover.”  Big Bill wrote several of the songs, including “Who’s the Fool?” and “X-Rated Lover” that retain the classic Chicago sound.  One of the highlights of the CD is Guyger’s excellent harmonica on “Born Lover,” which evokes the spirit of Little Walter.  Big Bill Morganfield may never be as famous as his father, but this CD is solid Chicago style blues.
Big Bill Morganfield- (Vocals, Guitar);
Bob Margolin, Brian Bisesi- (Guitar);
Steve Guyger- (Harp);
Clark Stern- (Keyboards);
Tom Brill- (Bass);
Chuck Cotton- (Drums).
01. Too Late Brother 2:46
02. High Gas Prices 2:48
03. My Love Is Real 3:32
04. Born Lover 3:19
05. You’ve Got The Nerve Of A Brass Monkey 3:05
06. My Last Affair 5:03
07. Peace Of Mind 4:42
08. I Play Dirty 2:50
09. Who’s The Fool? 2:59
10. Lonsesome Lonely Blues 3:58
11. X-Rated Lover 3:39
12. One Kiss 2:45

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