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Bluestone Company – Bluestone Co. 2006

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Bluestone Company – Bluestone Co. 2006


Blues rock fans, all fans must listen all the Chris Duarte! Blues rock music scene in Japan, the only unmatched THE SAVOY TRUFFLE, two years of vocal expression of shock withdrawal. The remaining members BLUESTONE co. (Burusutonkanpani) as a fresh start. Listen to dry rock!
Features guest / Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar and said the return of Chris Duarte!! 70’s rock sound real far in the current Japanese music scene, in addition to put out the groove they would not leave the ! ROCK established by our ancestors precisely because they put out a sound digestion. Can also listen to a professional with confidence! Is such a rock album!

Blues rock music scene in Japan, the only unmatched THE SAVOY TRUFFLE two years have seceded from VOCAL. The remaining members BLUESTONE co (Burusutonkanpani). They’ve been inscribed thick activities. Texas in January 2006 STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN I say it was a great success the return of CHRIS DUARTE day and night and toured Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Yokohama and Tokyo to ?E. In September, the U.S. tour with CHRIS DUARTE (U.S. 12 States / 19 performance), we take a large heaps praise! 70’s rock sound real far in the current Japanese music scene, and he put out a groove In addition to such leave will not! And, CHRIS DUARTE guest guitarist / vocalist celebrated its 1st December 2006 as the album has been released!
“Chris Duarte”
63 Fender guitar hero is born in Texas to manipulate the limbs of Strato, Chris Duarte. Serving as the back of many famous musicians from the club and continue to play at the age of 15. After all Stevie Ray Vaughan Sutoratosaundo intense grooves and exquisite lifelike like SRV is no demonstration of the soul and take over! Dispossessed finesse shots of fully utilizing a non-experience, full of emotion playing, soulful vocals that remain a significant presence in the world music scene in the future no doubt
This work, jazz and rock with elements of Latin, to feel the groove through Nechikkoi New Orleans funk, blues rock album I really enjoy it a little kinky.
Are clearly differentiated than ever the role of the members (the role of big drums percussion), music style has a point that can live shunting an arrangement at any time, it points above all to listen to good music I’m more evolved stage of the Savoy truffle.
I love this direction.
In songs like songs of the time extension of Savoy, of course, has penetrated even cheerful songs and crisp seaweed There is also a jam band and Latin tunes, close Nechikkoku wriggle kinky vibe and slide guitar The songs available to enjoy than ever before.
In that respect, some older fans were expecting a Southern Rock in the narrow sense may be confused, in a good position to betray fans are thrilling and pleasurable.
Chris Duarte live sets apply to the Red Zeplin, Yes, Grateful Dead, Santana, Robben Ford, The Meters, Dr. John, Michael Bloomfield, and the cover of the Mule and Allman course Gavamento from and, you know that one single system, unless their roots.
The sound is characteristic bulls-spirited attitude and liberal genre crossing type. Of course, “buy immediately” that it must listen album is not to say!
Toshihiro Sumitomo- Guitar
Yoshihiro Ogasahara- Bass
Taizo Takafuji- Drums
Taro Takagi- Percussions
Chris Duarte- Vocal,Lead Guitar (2,3,4,5,6)
01. Silver Horse 04:53
02. In The News Today 05:29
03. She Cries 05:46
04. Luck Shine On Me 05:41
05. Me n’ You 05:11
06. Carnal Assets 05:25
07. Valle Colorado 05:37

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