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Brother Jack McDUFF – Moon Rappin’ 1970

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Brother Jack McDUFF – Moon Rappin’ 1970
BST 84334


Moon Rappin’ is one of Brother Jack McDuff’s most ambitious efforts, a loose concept album that finds the organist exploring funky and spacy soundscapes. Unlike most McDuff records, there isn’t a steady groove that flows throughout the record — the album flies into atmospheric territory that isn’t strictly soul-jazz, but it’s far from free. In many ways, Moon Rappin’ is a fairly typical album of its time, boasting wah-wah guitars, flutes, spacious reverb, long bluesy vamps, orchestras, and disembodied backing vocals, but it also stands out from the pack in how it offers some excellent improvisation (including a rare piano spotlight on the title track) and unpredictable moments, like the stuttering organ and nearly free interludes on “Made in Sweden.” It’s not strictly funky — it doesn’t have the grit of early Brother Jack records, nor does it swing hard — but it proves that McDuff was as adept in adventurous territory as he was with the groove.
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide.
Jack McDuff’s organ has a very funky and fat sound but not in the “full speed ahead” Jimmy Smith style. Much of this album has almost a lounge music feel to it. There is plenty of experimentation with sounds here but all of the tracks work well. Overall I found this to be a very worthwhile album, it is easy to listen too, quite funky and also has enough intrigue to make it worthwhile listening to in detail.
If you are a big fan of the greasy soul-jazz of “Down Home Style” (which I consider a four star disc) you may be slightly befuddled by this release. This isn’t the greasy jazz that you typically attribute to Mr. McDuff. Moon Rappin’ is an atmospheric delight. It almost plays like a concept album with its spacey textures and suttle backing vocals. It sounds like the soundtrack for late 60’s interplanetary travel. Complete with wah-wah guitars & flutes…don’t pass this up.
By John J. Knapik.
Joe Dukes -(Synthesizer),(Drums),
Jean DuShon- (Voices),
Jack McDuff- (Organ),
Jerry Bird- (Guitar),
Bill Phillips- (Flute),(Tenor, Baritone,Sax).
A1. Flat Backin’  9:28
A2. Oblighetto  7:00
B1. Moon Rappin’  6:26
B2. Made In Sweden  7:35
B3. Loose Foot  5:03

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Brother Jack McDUFF – Getting Our Thing Together 1968

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Brother Jack McDUFF – Getting Our Thing Together 1968


One of McDuff’s fantastic LPs, and one that features the funky funky organist in a set of crazy arrangements written by him and Richard Evans. An amazing mix of McDuff’s soul jazz organ sound with the genius that was the Chess/Cadet studio system of the late 60’s  and one that yields such monster cuts as “Black Is”, “Hold It For a Minute”, “Two Lines”, and “You Sho Walk Funky”. Great stuff, with a gritty funky feel that’s hard to match.
A groovy set of classic organ jazz work by one of the all-time greats! This 1968 package draws from some of McDuff’s earlier albums on Prestige – and it brings together tracks that have a focus on mellow standard and ballad material. Still, you can’t keep McDuff from being soulful in that sort of setting – especially not when he’s got guys like Lem Winchester, Leo Wright, Grant Green, Joe Dukes, and Bill Jennings in the groups on the album. Titles include “Mr. Lucky”, “Mean To Me”, “It’s A Wonderful World”, and “I Want A Little Girl”.
From Dusty Groove.
I can’t say I’m a big fan of McDuff ­ like most organists, a lot of his works (especially in the Œ60s) were too straight-ahead and dull for me to really get into. But McDuff always managed to pull off that ONE cut that made you despair for the album. Last time around, it was his version of “Electric Surfboard” on “Gin and Orange.” This time, it’s the incredibly soulful sax licks that kick off “Hold It For a Minute” (best heard on Diamond D’s “Feel the Vibe”). The whole song is great and the horn chorus returns at the right times to lift your spirits. There’s some other cool instrumentals on here too ­ a tad more conventional, but still with heated organ vampage ­ “You Sho’Walk Funky”, “Black Is”, “Jelly Jam”, etc.
A1. Win, Loose Or Draw
A2. Black Is
A3. Jelly Jam
A4. The Pulpit
A5. You Sho’ Walk Funky
B1. Hold It For A Minute
B2. Summertime
B3. Up, Up And Away
B4. Two Lines

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