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Carla BLEY – Musique Mecanique 1979

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Carla BLEY – Musique Mecanique 1979


This album features much of the same band that performs on the wonderful EUROPEAN TOUR 1977. This is a varied set of Carla Bley’s pieces, full of musical wit, warmth and invention. “440” (referring to the number of cycles in the A-note used for tuning) starts things off perfectly, as the musicians fall into place like a band waking up, rolling out of bed and tuning up. The three-part title piece evokes, in glorious musical portraiture, the marvelous inner workings of mechanical music boxes.

As always, Bley chooses her soloists perfectly and standouts this time include trombonist Roswell Rudd, tenor saxophonist Gary Windo, and NRBQ’s pianist Terry Adams. Charlie Haden plays bass on one track, with Steve Swallow on board the rest of the time. Recorded at the studio she owned with her then-husband and trumpet player Michael Mantler, this album must be counted among the top five or ten of her many fine albums.
Carla Bley’s tentet performs some of her most colorful themes on this often-humorous and generally stimulating set. “Jesus Maria and Other Spanish Strains” and the three-part “Musique Mecanique” are particularly memorable. This is the perfect setting for Bley’s music, with such musicians as trumpeter Michael Mantler, Gary Windo on tenor and bass clarinet, trombonist Roswell Rudd and Bob Stewart on tuba making their presence felt.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Carla Bley- (Organ, Piano, Toy Piano);
Michael Mantler- (Trumpet);
Alan Braufman- (Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute);
Gary Windo- (Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet);
John Clark- (French Horn);
Roswell Rudd- (Trombone);
Bob Stewart- (Tuba);
Terry Adams- (Piano);
Eugene Chadborne- (Guitars);
Karen Mantler- (Glockenspiel);
Steve Swallow- (Bass Guitar);
Charlie Haden- (Bass);
D. Sharpe- (Drums).
A1. 440 (9:44)
A2. Jesus Maria And Other Spanish Strains (11:50)
Bass – Charlie Haden
Effects [Walkie Talkie] – Eugene Chadbourne
Piano – Carla Bley
Voice [Child] – Gary Windo
B1. Musique Mecanique I (9:45)
Organ [Electric Pump] – Terry Adams (2)
Piano [Toy] – Carla Bley
B2. Musique Mecanique II (At Midnight) (7:02)
Vocals – Roswell Rudd
B3. Musique Mecanique III (6:27).
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