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Celso Blues Boy – Indiana Blues 1996

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Celso Blues Boy – Indiana Blues 1996


At 17, Celso Blues Boy began his career playing alongside big names of music at the time, such as double Guarabira & Sa , Luiz Melodia , Renato and his Blues Caps and Raul Seixas. The guitar accompanies him since childhood, when he played guitar in the song Jesus, Joy of Man, Bach and won the instrument of his father. Always liked the “King of the Blues “BB King, with whom he recorded a clip in 1996 and also attended a concert next to the musician at the Montreaux Festival .

At age 20, formed his first band , the Foreign Legion and then the Aero Blues , is now considered the first Brazilian blues band . In 1984 , following a solo career, released his first album, Sound on GuitarWith the song Increases that there is Rock’n’Roll. The song Motel Blues was part of the soundtrack Bete Balanço.

In 1988 he released the album Blues ForeverWith remakes of songs from artists like Boy Blues . The work has sold 120,000 copies and some songs played on national radio , the United States and Europe. The following year he moved to France where he lived until 1990. The musician has made several solo performances and played alongside his friend now BBKing .

With over 30 years on the road, Celso Blues Boy recorded his first DVD Who Was That Rock’n’Roll Flou What’s up? At Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro in the capital , launched in 2008. In this work are hit songs of his career and unique, like the title track and Red Light House. Also featured in the ” extras ” , unpublished images of the career of Blues Boy and with BBKing clip recorded in 1996.
Celso Blues Boy (Born Celso Furtado Ricardo Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, January 5 of 1956) Is a singer, composer and guitarist Brazilian.

He began playing professionally in the 70, Accompanying Raul Seixas and Sa & Guarabyra. He assembled the band Foreign Legion in 1976, With which it stood in bars and nightclubs. Became more known from 1980When he sent a tape to the Radio FluminenseIn Rio, facing the repertoire rock musician. Recorded the first album in 1984, ” Sound on Guitar “Which included his biggest hit : “Increases think this is Rock’n Roll “. One of the first to sing blues in PortugueseChose the stage name in honor of the idol B. B. King, one of the fathers of the genre, who also played in 80s. He lives in Joinville, Santa Catarina.
01. Onze horas da manhã
02. Mississipi (Sobre Robert Johnson)
03. Tempos difíceis
04. Cachorro louco
05. Aumenta que isso aí é rock’n roll
06. Balada para Jack
07. Indiana Blues
08. Homem das ruas
09. Liberdade
10. Sempre brilhará
11. Amor vazio
12. Apenas outro blues
13. Lágrimas
14. Baby Blue

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