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Coco MONTOYA – Gotta Mind To Travel 1995

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Coco MONTOYA – Gotta Mind To Travel 1995


By 1995, after five years in Albert Collins’s band and 10 years in John Mayall’s band, guitarist Coco Montoya had been studying his field so long he deserves a doctorate in the blues. Serving as his dissertation is his first solo album, Gotta Mind to Travel, an impressive document which should pass muster with any examining committee. Montoya has long been known as a tasteful, eloquent guitarist, but on this debut he also reveals a surprisingly strong, supple singing voice and a clever instinct for songwriting. The result is the emergence of an already mature talent on his very first solo project.
By Geoffrey Himes.
Years of apprenticeship with Albert Collins and John Mayall paid off handsomely for Montoya on this debut effort. Even with help from some famous friends (Debbie Davies, Al Kooper, Richie Hayward [Little Feat], and both former employers), Montoya asserts himself as the focal point. Sadly, this was one of Collins’ last studio appearances before his death, playing on the Lowell Fulson-penned “Talking Woman Blues” (commonly known as “Honey Hush”). Although Montoya showcases his massive guitar muscle, it is merely a fraction of the power of his live performances.
By Char Ham. AMG.
Coco Montoya- (Vocals, Guitar);
Albert Collins- (Guitar);
Debbie Davies- (Vocals, Guitar, Background Vocals);
John Mayall- (Vocals, Harmonica, Piano);
Darrell Leonard, Joe Sublett- (Horns);
Benny Yee- (Piano, Organ);
Rob Rio- (Piano);
Mike Finnegan, Al Kooper- (Hammond B-3 Organ);
Albert Molinaro- (Bass)
Mark Williams- (Drums, Percussion);
Richard Hayward, Joe Yuele- (Drums);
Keillie Rucker- (Background Vocals).
01. Too Much Water 4:00
02. Gotta Mind To Travel 3:50
03. Talkin’ Woman Blues 4:00
04. Someday After Awhile 5:03
05. Top Of The Hill 4:30
06. Same Dog 4:47
07. Love Jail 3:44
08. You Don’t Love Me 5:10
09. Nothing In The Streets 5:00
10. Am I Losing You 6:41

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