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Hank JONES, Dave HOLLAND, Billy HIGGINS – The Oracle 1990

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Hank JONES, Dave HOLLAND, Billy HIGGINS – The Oracle 1990


This is a beautiful album as you can imagine. Hank Jones, Dave Holland and Billy Higgins fit together naturally. The feel of the musicians here is so loose and supportive. No one brought his ego to the studio the day they recorded this. Hank has a gritty, organic sound, Dave plays with a propulsive quarter note and Billy has this crazy way of understating everything and flooring you with his simplicity at times. I would try to borrow it from the library however ’cause most people can’t afford $60 for an album.
By Keith Maxwell Button.
One could excuse Hank Jones if, at the time of The Oracle, the 70-year-old pianist chose to stick to revivalist bop, but the biggest surprise of this very democratic date is how modern he plays. Jones is Monkish on “Blues for CM” and often sounds more like a contemporary of McCoy Tyner than of Bud Powell, whom Hank was actually born six years before. Bassist Dave Holland has nearly as much solo space as Jones (along with contributing three compositions), and drummer Billy Higgins gets more space than usual. If there is any fault to this otherwise flawless CD (which also has some underplayed standards such as “Beautiful Love” and “Yesterdays”), it is that there are no individual features. But the interplay between the three musicians is quite impressive.
Piano- Hank Jones
Bass- Dave Holland
Drums- Billy Higgins
01. Interface  6:44
02. Beautiful Love  6:45
03. The Oracle  6:48
04. Blues For CM  7:24
05. Yesterdays  6:26
06. Blood Count  8:38
07. Maya’s Dance  5:54
08. Jacob’s Ladder  7:30
09. Trane Connections  5:49

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