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Dead Guy Blues – Dead Guy Blues 2005

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Dead Guy Blues – Dead Guy Blues 2005


DEAD GUY BLUES plays Garage, Rock n’ Roll, Swing, Gut-Bucket, Surf, Funky Stuff, Down and Dirty Delta Style, Chicago style, and Ballads.
DEAD GUY BLUES plays all original blues. “Bad Voodoo”, “I Miss My Ball and Chain”, “Drunk As a Skunk” and “Guess Who’s Loving Her Now?” are classic bar blues tunes with straight ahead memorable lyrics, rockin’ riffs and cool grooves.
John Benson of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reviewing the DEAD GUY BLUES debute CD on Whiskey Island Records writes, “There’s no denying the fiery passion found on the self-titled debut album from Cleveland trio DEAD GUY BLUES. The threesome’s 13 track disc reveals the outfit as modern-day disciples of Freddie King and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Guitarist Jeff Powers’ talented chops are obvious in the blistering solos and catchy lead work.”
Their live performances mainly showcase their original songs but they also play unique arrangements of classic blues and rock songs like a finger picked version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile” and even an electric version of Steven Still’s “Treetop Flyer”.
Every original song that DGB performs is based on classic style blues but the songs take different twists and turns that create a modern style and sound.
The band rocks with Solid Bass and Drums handled by Chris Boross and Steve Zavesky while songwriter and vocalist Jeff Powers lays down exciting rhythm and lead guitar. Dead Guy Blues is a kind of Stevie Ray Vaughan meets the Sonics.
The songs are tight, the band rocks and the songwriting and guitar work of Jeff Powers is smokin’.
01. I Told You Once 4:15
02. Hooked On the Blues 4:02
03. Beer and Whiskey Coffee and Cigarettes 3:21
04. I Miss My Ball and Chain 4:57
05. Workin’ 3:29
06. Guess Who’s Loving Her Now? 6:16
07. I Made Up My Mind 5:23
08. Bad Voodoo 5:36
09. I Feel Like An Outlaw Again 4:31
10. I’ll Be There for You 4:20
11. Don’t Try and Save Me 4:11
12. Drunk As a Skunk 4:07
13. Time to Change 3:54

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