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Diana KRALL – When I Look In Your Eyes 1999

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Diana KRALL – When I Look In Your Eyes 1999


Diana Krall’s previous release, Love Scenes, occupied the top spot on all the major jazz charts for many months and was the first jazz album ever to be certified platinum (100,000 units) in Canada. Diana’s phenomenal success is due not only to her obvious musical talents, but those of producer Tommy LiPuma as well. LiPuma (remember George Benson’s record-breaking Breezin’ album?) is a master at presenting contemporary jazz artists in a manner that appeals to hard-core jazz fans and casual listeners alike. Although When I Look In Your Eyes adds a couple of new “wrinkles” to his recipe for success, I see no reason why this terrific CD shouldn’t prolong Krall’s/LiPuma’s winning streak. It marks Krall’s departure from her standard trio setting with the addition of string and orchestral “sweetening” by the noted arranger/conductor Johnny Mandel. Thankfully, LiPuma has the good sense and “smarts” to place Krall’s subtle, seductive voice front and center in the mix. The orchestrations never overpower Diana’s fluid piano solos or intrude on the vocal nuances she extracts from the timeless classics on this 12-track collection. Subtlety really is the key here
By John Sharpe. AAJ.
Years after the ’90s, the decade will be remembered for the rise of pianist-vocalist Diana Krall. Simply put, this British Columbian-born artist is one of the most engaging musicians to emerge from the heap of scat-happy singers high on pyrotechnics, but short on poetry. Stamped with the imprimatur of the Nat King Cole trio and blessed by her apprenticeship with the late West Coast piano giant Jimmy Rowles, Krall simply sings songs the way they’re supposed to be sung: with devotion to the lyric and with attention to the groove. This CD finds Krall in familiar company with compatriots Russell Malone (on guitar), bassist John Clayton, drummers Lewis Nash and Jeff Hamilton, and vibraphonist (and former Bill Evans associate) Larry Bunker–all supported by Johnny Mandel’s svelte string arrangements. Krall and crew take Irving Berlin’s chestnut “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” and the Sinatra-signatured “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” south to Brazil via a sexy bossa nova. Malone’s lush guitar accompaniment complements Krall’s heartfelt delivery on “When I Look in Your Eyes,” and Michael Franks’s “Popsicle Toes” dances courtesy of Hamilton’s drum work. “Devil May Care,” “East of the Sun (and West of the Moon),” The Best Thing for You,” and the stridish “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love” groove with a minimum of waste, while Mandel’s simpatico strings steal the show on “I’ll String Along with You,” “Pick Yourself Up,” and “Do It Again.” All of which further illuminate the cool fire from this fine gift from North of the Border.
By Eugene Holley Jr. AMG
With this CD, the young Canadian singer/pianist/arranger joins forces with producer Tommy LiPuma, who places his orchestral stamp on eight of the 13 tracks. It is the latest attempt to push Krall to an even wider pop/smooth jazz audience than she already enjoys. After all, Nat Cole, Wes Montgomery, and George Benson, among others, went this route. Wonder if she’d agree the cuts sans strings were more fun and challenging? Krall does get to it with central help from bassists John Clayton and Ben Wolfe, drummers Jeff Hamilton and Lewis Nash, and guitarist Russell Malone, all stellar players. Krall’s voice is sweet and sexy. She’s also flexible within her range and at times a bit kitschy, mostly the hopeless romantic. On this CD of love songs, it’s clear she’s cool but very much in love with this music. Bob Dorough’s “Devil May Care” and the insistent “Best Thing for You” really click. Favorites are a decent Shearing-esque “Let’s Fall in Love” with vibist Larry Bunker; a suave slow bossa on the opening number, “Let’s Face the Music”; the lusher-than-lush title track; and especially an incredible horn-fired fanfare intro/outro on the hip “Pick Yourself Up.” Some might call this fluff or mush, but it depends solely on your personal taste. This will certainly appeal to Krall’s fans, lovers, and lovers at heart.
By Michael G. Nastos, AMG.
Diana Krall- Vocals, Piano
Ben Wolfe- Bass-  (tracks: 2, 6, 8, 9) ,
John Clayton- Bass (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 10 to 12)
Jeff Hamilton- Drums (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 10 to 12) , Lewis Nash (tracks: 6, 8)
Russell Malone- Guitar
Larry Bunker- Vibraphone (tracks: 3, 6)
01. Let’s Face The Music And Dance 5:18
02. Devil May Care 3:20
03. Let’s Fall In Love 4:19
04. When I Look In Your Eyes 4:31
05. Popsicle Toes 4:28
06. I’ve Got You Under My Skin 6:10
07. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 2:33
08. I’ll String Along With You 4:45
09. East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) 4:56
10. Pick Yourself Up 3:01
11. The Best Thing For You 2:36
12. Do It Again 4:45
13. Why Should I Care 3:46
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Diana KRALL – Quiet Nights 2009

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Diana KRALL – Quiet Nights 2009


Diana Krall’s first studio outing since she and husband Elvis Costello became the proud parents of twin boys, 2009’s QUIET NIGHTS finds the jazz singer/pianist turning in a serene and pleasantly subdued set. Krall breezes through a few bossa nova standards, most notably “The Girl from Ipanema” (here gender-reversed to “The Boy…”) and the title track (originally “Corcovado”), both penned by the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim. QUIET NIGHTS isn’t solely a Brazilian-themed outing, however, as Krall also spends plenty of time in the comfortable realm of the Great American Songbook, offering up elegant orchestral renditions of “I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face” and the Bacharach/David gem “Walk On By” that benefit from her supremely smoky vocals and graceful delivery.
Diana Krall’s 12th album Quiet Nights is an intimate recording of ballads and bossa novas from the team that brought you her best-selling GRAMMY Award-winning CD The Look of Love. Accompanied by her quartet and orchestra, Diana turns her sensual vocals and consummate piano skills to “The Boy from Ipanema”, “Walk on By”and other classic tunes. Quiet Nights is initially available as a limited edition CD including 2 bonus tracks – her stunning rendition of the Bee Gee’s “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” and the standard “Every Time We Say Goodbye”.
Diana Krall, surrounded by strings, is one of the ten top jazz vocalists in America. Absent the strings, in the intimate presence of bass, guitar, drums, and her own piano styling, she is without peers. It’s difficult to understand why she would go to the expense and formatting of an orchestra in order to emulate Julie London and Paul Weston when she deserves to be more rightly compared to Chris Connor, June Christy, or Dakota Staton. The CD is adequate, the DVD is exciting (with the exception of watching her husband walk out on stage and kiss Elton John instead of his lovely wife). In Madrid, Krall is in her element. Whether her background artists are Hurst and Company, or John Clayton and Jeff Hamilton, Diana Krall is in total command both vocally and instrumentally. She said in an earlier interview that she thought her keyboarding was good, but was surprised to find that audiences liked her voice. Her jazz vocals are outstanding, but I must agree with her that the real selling point is her approach to the piano and her ability to blend those keys to her combo. She is the best and, as soon as she realizes that the strings are more detriment than benefit, she’ll continue to be the best.
By Jim Rolf.
dIANA kRALL- Piano, Vocal;
Joel Pargman, Eun Mee Ahn, David Ewart, Amy Wickman, Gil Romero, Katia Popov, Tammy Hatwan, Alan Grunfeld, Helen Nightengale, Barbara Porter, Mari Tsumura, Razdan Kuyumjian, Sid Page, Bruce Dukov, Peter Kent, Yue Deng, Tiffiany Yi Hu, Darius Campo, Liane Mautner, Josephina Vergara, Caroline Campbell, Charlie Bisharat, Mario Diaz de Leon, Tereza Stanislav- (Violin);
Matt Funes, Marlo Fisher, Dan Neufeld, Vickie Miskolczy, Kate Reddish, Todd Marda, Janet Lakatos, David F. Walther, Evan Wilson, Thomas Dienner- (Viola);
Trevor Handy, Rudy Stein, Timothy Landauer, Dan Smith , Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Antony Cooke, Larry Corbett, Cecilia Tsan, Steve Richard- (Cello);
Steve Kujala, Geri Rotella, David Shostac, Heather Clark- (Alto Flute, Bass Flute);
Earl Dumler- (Oboe);
Joseph Meyer , Todd Miller, Bill Lane, Rick Todd, Brad Warnaar- (French Horn);
Doug Tornquist- (Tuba);
Robert Zimmiti- (Vibraphone);
Drew Dembowski, Reggie Hamilton, Sue Raney, Nico Carmine Abondolo, Ed Meares- (Bass Guitar).
01. Where Or When 4:10
02. Too Marvelous For Words 4:05
03. I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face 4:48
04. The Boy From Ipanema 4:54
05. Walk On By 5:03
06. You’re My Thrill 5:47
07. Este Seu Olhar 2:46
08. So Nice 3:52
09. Quiet Nights 4:45
10. Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry 4:59
11. How Can You Meand A Broken Heart 4:30
12. Every Time We Say Goodbye 5:19

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Diana KRALL – Live,At Bushnell 2000

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Diana KRALL – Live,At Bushnell 2000
Bushnell’s Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut, June 3rd.2000


01. I Love Being Here With You
02. All Or Nothing At All
03. Let’s Fall In Love
04. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
05. I Don’t Know Enough About You
06. Devil May Care
07. A Case Of You
08. East Of The Sun
09. Lost My Mind
10. When I Look In Your Eyes
11. Frim Fram Sauce
12. Peel Me A Grape
13. The Border Song

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