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Fenton ROBINSON – I Hear Some Blues Downstairs 1977

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Fenton ROBINSON – I Hear Some Blues Downstairs 1977
1993 Issue.


Fenton Robinson’s ‘Somebody Loan Me A Dime’ is a classic album, and this one is the follow up to it. An album like that is a hard act to follow but this one is still pretty decent. One weak point of it is a few of the song selections. The blues world did not need more versions of Roscoe Gordon’s “Just a Little Bit” or Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor” and even Fenton couldn’t put much life into them. Other than these song’s the rest of the album is very good, particularly the title track, a nice original from Robinson, a re-cut of the classic “As the Years go Passing By”, and a pair of T-Bone Walker covers, “West Side Baby” and “Tell me what’s the Reason”, a tribute to one of his mentor’s.
This album may not be the equivalent of ‘Somebody Loan Me A Dime’, but it still stands on its own as a fine work by an under-recognized master of blues. There is plenty of room for his fantastic vocal’s and guitar playing throughout the album.
By Sam Mosley.
A bit of a disappointment in its inconsistency following such a mammoth triumph as his previous set, yet not without its mellow delights. The title track is atypically playful; Robinson’s revisiting of the mournful “As the Years Go Passing By” is a moving journey, and his T-Bone Walker tribute “Tell Me What’s the Reason” swings deftly…
The soft-spoken Mississippi native got his career going in Memphis, where he’d moved at age 16. First, Rosco Gordon used him on a 1956 session for Duke that produced “Keep on Doggin’.” The next year, Fenton made his own debut as a leader for the Bihari brothers’ Meteor label with his first reading of “Tennessee Woman.” His band, the Dukes, included mentor Charles McGowan on guitar; T-Bone Walker and B.B. King were Robinson’s idols.
1957 also saw Fenton team up with bassist Larry Davis at the Flamingo Club in Little Rock. Bobby Bland caught the pair there and recommended them to his boss, Duke Records prexy Don Robey. Both men made waxings for Duke in 1958, Robinson playing on Davis’s classic “Texas Flood” and making his own statement with “Mississippi Steamboat.” Robinson cut the original version of the often-covered Peppermint Harris-penned slow blues “As the Years Go Passing By” for Duke in 1959 with New Orleans prodigy James Booker on piano. The same date also produced a terrific “Tennessee Woman” and a marvelous blues ballad, “You’ve Got to Pass This Way Again.”
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
Fenton Robinson- (Vocals, Guitar);
Steve Ditzell- (Guitar);
Earl Crossley- (Tenor Sax);
Billy Brimfield- (Trumpet);
Bill McFarland- (Trombone);
Bill Heid- (Keyboards);
Ashward Gates, Jr. (Drums).
01. I Hear Some Blues Downstairs 4:14
02. Just A Little Bit 4:35
03. West Side Baby 5:03
04. I’m So Tired 3:53
05. I Wish For You 3:14
06. Tell Me What’s The Reason 3:19
07. Going West 3:43
08. Killing Floor 3:37
09. As The Years Go Passing By 4:48

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