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Frank MARINO & Mahogany Rush – Child of the Novelty 1974

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Frank MARINO & Mahogany Rush – Child of the Novelty 1974
KOT 3302


Digitally remastered digipak edition. Child Of The Novelty is the second album released by the dynamic Canadian trio, featuring the brilliant young guitarist Frank Marino. Released in 1974 it was their first album to gain wider attention in the USA and Europe. It showcases Marino’s songwriting skills as well as his powerful vocals and blazing, soulful guitar licks. The 10 tracks include quite a few more melodic and slower tunes, as well as upbeat rockers, with the emphasis still on the pervasive influence of Jimi Hendrix. One of the most interesting songs is ‘Makin’ My Wave’, that enables Frank to respond to those critics of his earlier work. With Marino backed by the loyal team of Jimmy Ayoub (drums) and Paul Hartwood (bass), Mahogany Rush sound every inch the pulsating early ’70s rockers who made the era so musically exciting.
Mahogany Rush is a Canadian rock band led by guitarist Frank Marino. The band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s, playing such venues as California Jam II together with bands such as Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and Heart.

Members have included bassist Paul Harwood, drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and guitarist Vince Marino (Frank’s brother); the band has continued with other members, always under Frank Marino’s leadership. After 1980, the group toured as Frank Marino’s Mahogany Rush, and after Jim Ayoub left the group, it simply became Frank Marino.
This album starts to showcase Frank’s songwriting intermixed with his powerful vocals and blazing soulful guitar riffs which will become his trademark. Some melodic slow tunes show that he is not afraid of venturing into different areas of music without compromising his talents. Favorite song is “Makin’ my Wave” in which Frank gives his response to the critics who’ve tried so hard to keep him down.
Frank Marino- Guitar, Vocal
Paul Harwood- Bass
Jimmy Ayoub- Drums
A1. Look Outside
A2. Thru The Milky Way
A3. Talkin ‘Bout A Feelin’
A4. Child Of The Novelty
A5. Makin’ My Wave
B1. A New Rock And Roll
B2. Changing
B3. Plastic Man
B4. Guit War
B5. Chains Of (S) Pace

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