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Ahmad JAMAL Feat. George COLEMAN – 2000-10-26 Zurich

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Ahmad JAMAL Feat. George COLEMAN – 2000-10-26 Zurich
Jazznojazz Festival
Zürich (Switzerland), Theaterhaus Gessnerallee
October 26, 2000
Thx To *Ubu*


I was at this concert, and it was great! They did “Autumn Leaves” modelled after
the classic version on Cannonball’s “Something Else” as an encore. I stood right
in front of Coleman for most of the concert and enjoyed the sh*t out of it.
Jamal was in a rumbling mood… his style certainly changed a lot since his
classic 50s sides with Crosby/Fournier (still my favourite Jamal), and I must
say, I don’t like his current playing nearly as much – but at spots, his
brilliance is still there… Cammack provides solid support, but not much more,
but Muhammad is *great*! Earlier that night there were sets by Jacky Terrasson
with Leon Parker (I may have that, but I’m not sure) and Larry Goldings’ trio
with Bill Stewart (not broadcasted) – so it was sort of a “drummer’s night”, and
all the better!
Then after 3 tunes enters George Coleman… check it out yourself!
By Ubu.
Ahmad Jamal- Piano
James Cammack- Bass
Idris Muhammad- Drums
George Coleman – Tenor sax, on #4-8
01. Aftermath (Jamal) 8:58
02. Kaleidoscope (Jamal) 10:28
03. Crossroads (Jamal) 9:59
04. This I Dig of You (Hank Mobley) 14:27
05. My Foolish Heart (Victor Young) 13:29
06. You Can’t See (Monty Alexander) 12:21
07. Devil’s in My Den (Jamal) 9:10
08. Autumn Leaves (Kosma-Prévert-Mercer) 9:17

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