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Hans THEESSINK & Blue Groove – Live 1993

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Hans THEESSINK & Blue Groove – Live 1993


HANS THEESSINK & BLUE GROOVE “LIVE”  is a collection of Live recordings with my band at that time. We used to play a lot in Europe and N.America and we had a lot of fun while it lasted. This cd really demonstratres the interplay between vocals, guitar and tuba. Just the band and their audience without any studio manipulations. An uplifting mix of originals, classic blues, gospel and folk. Enjoy, Hans Theessink.
Theessink uses somewhat minimal instrumental arrangements to emphasize the vocals and his bluesy sensibility is turned to creating funky, pulsing grooves and compelling dynamics. It’s impossible not to tap your toes to this music. (Andy Allen, Dirty Linen, USA, July 96)
Hans Theessink is the most creative musician working in the bluesidiom in Europe – certainly the most original and convincing that I’ve heard. (Blues & Rhythm, GB)
Dutch blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Hans Theesink has been carving a niche for himself in the U.S. market through the late 1980s and early 1990s. It’s no easy task growing up in the Netherlands and teaching oneself the blues, but perhaps that’s the reason Theesink’s guitar stylings are so unique. Theesink became hooked on blues as a teenager listening to the radio, playing mandolin and guitar. His favorites became Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, but later on he was exposed to a wider variety of influences. Theesink was 12 or 13 when he began playing guitar in earnest, and by his late teens he was playing in clubs and coffeehouses around Germany and the Netherlands.

Theesink began his recording career in 1970 for a variety of small labels in Netherlands and Germany, and continued perfecting his craft and honing his skills at clubs and festivals across Europe. Through the 1970s, his eventual goal was to come to America to learn firsthand from the masters in the Mississippi Delta. It would be 1979 before Theesink would make it to America, and not surprisingly, his first stop was the Mississippi Delta. The trip proved fruitful, as he met and jammed with many Delta musicians, absorbing all he could from them and eventually incorporating their knowledge into his own style.
01. Built For Comfort  5.19
02. Jesus On The Mainline  4.04
03. Charly Stone  3.38
04. I Shall Not Be Moved  7.14
05. Call Me  4.22
06. Yes We Can Can  4.52
07. Rock The Boat  6.55
08. Cocaine Blues  6.35
09. The Planet  5.24
10. Will The Circle Be Unbroken  7.45
11. Shake Your Moneymaker  8.37

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