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James MOODY – Homage 2003

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James MOODY – Homage 2003


Judging from the glowing liner-notes quotes from Joe Zawinul and Herbie Hancock, both of whom contribute songs to the legendary bebopper’s first studio effort in six years, it’s hard to know who’s paying homage to who. Ostensibly, the idea was to put the nearly 80-year-old legend — known for both his illustrious solo career and an ongoing working relationship with Dizzy Gillespie — in the studio with some hot young talent (the brilliant pianist David Hazeltine being the standout), tackling material from the aforementioned greats as well as Chick Corea, Kenny Barron, and Horace Silver. The most compelling of these are Barron’s easy swinging “And Then Again,” on which Moody’s tenor improvises over the cool trio grooving of Hazeltine, Todd Coolman (bass), and Anthony Pinciotti (drums), Silver’s punchy “When Lucy Smiles at Me,” and Zawinul’s moody, exotic ballad “A Message to Moody.” The most compelling track is a jazzy number by a famous film composer, James Newton Howard’s “Main Title” from Glengarry Glen Ross, which mixes Moody’s colorful soloing with flourishes featuring him as part of a brass and flute ensemble. The closing number, “Love Was the Cause of All Good Things,” is driven by a hip-hop groove and finds Moody joining the rap generation; this can be seen either as a tremendous novelty or an afterthought that should have been eliminated, depending on how pure a jazz buff one is. Either way, it’s proof that the nearly 80-year-old Moody is doing more than resting on his immense laurels.
By Jonathan Widran.
James Moody- (Tenor sax; Rap 11)
Jim Rotundi- (Flugelhorn 3; Trumpet 4),
Jeremy Pelt- (Trumpet 10)
David Gibson- (Trombone 3, 4)
Lou Marini- (Alto Flute 2-4; Flute 7),
Lawrence Feldman- (Bass Flute 2, 4; Alto Flute 3; Flute 7)
Charles Pillow- (English Horn 2-4; Flute 8),
John Clark- (French Horn 3, 4)
Vic Juris- (Acoustic Guitar 5)
David Hazeltine- (Piano 2-4, 6, 8-10; Electric Piano 7)
Scott Kinsey- (Keyboards, Programming 1; Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano 11)
Hans Glawisching- (Electric Bass 1, 11; Acoustic Bass 2-7),
Todd Coolman- (Acoustic Bass 8-10)
Billy Kilson- (Drums 1, 5, 11),
Anthony Pinciotti- (Drums 2-4, 6-10)
Don Alias- (Congas, Percussion 1, 3, 5, 7, 11)
Mostly Bandits- (All Other Vocals 11),
The Kids Next Door- (All Other Sounds 11)
Bob Belden- (Wind and Brass Arranger)
01. A Message To Moody (An improvisation by J. Zawinul) (5:55)
02. Lazy Afternoon (J. Moross – J. LaTouche) (6:39)
03. Into The Shadows (H. Hancock) (4:59)
04. Glengarry, Glenross (Main Title) (J. N. Howard) (8:11)
05. Simplicity And Beauty (J. Moody) (7:12)
06. We All Love Moody (D. Hazeltine) (7:32)
07. Moody Tune (C. Corea) (5:16)
08. And Then Again (K. Barron) (5:29)
09. Homage (M. Copland) (7:29)
10. When Lucy Smiles At Me (H. Silver) (4:23)
11. Love Was The Cause For All Good Things (J. Moody) (3:33)

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James MOODY – Sax & Flute Man 1973

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James MOODY – Sax & Flute Man 1973
LPS 4003


This is a classic recording. I still sing the melodies and improvisations through my day. He is lyrical and brilliant with his improvisation here. I consider this to be a masterpiece of improvisation actually, right up there with Sonny Rollin’s Saxophone Collosus and Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. The funny thing is almost no one knows about this recording. I have listened to it for the last 15 years and finally thought I should share how great it is.
Bass- Richard Evans
Congas- Marshall Thompson
Drums [Jazz]- Marshall Thompson
Drums [Rock]- Andre Fisher
Flute- James Moody
Piano- Jodie Christian , Tennyson Stephens
Saxophone- James Moody
Tambourine- Jodie Christian
A1. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely 6:15
A2. Good Sense Humor Man 3:30
A3. First Thing In The Morning 4:04
A4. Country City Country 6:05
B1. World Is A Ghetto 6:50
B2. Trilby 4:22
B3. You’re Right As Rain 4:50
B4. Moody’s Mood 3:20

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