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Jimmy DAWKINS and Hip LINKCHAIN – Jimmy & Hip Live! 1982

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Jimmy DAWKINS and Hip LINKCHAIN – Jimmy & Hip Live! 1982


Cancer struck guitarist Hip Linkchain down before he could shed his status as a Chicago blues journeyman. With a fine album on the Dutch Black Magic logo, Airbusters, to his credit shortly before he died, Linkchain might have managed to move up a rung or two in the city’s blues pecking order had he lived longer.

Hip Linkchain was born Willie Richard in Jackson, Mississippi on November 10, 1936. His father and older brother both played the blues, and Hip followed in their footsteps. He has played the blues all of his life. Linkchain made inroads on the competitive Chicago circuit during the ’50s and ’60s, playing with harpists Dusty Brown, Willie Foster, Lester Davenport and his own band. During the ’60s Linkchain cut a handful of very obscure 45s for the tiny Lola and Sanns logos prior to the emergence of his debut domestic album ’I Am on My Way’ for the French MCM label in 1976 followed-up by Change My Blues (recorded1981-1983) and Airbusters (recorded1984-1989), his last before his death in 1989. Cancer struck guitarist Hip Linkchain down before he could shed his status as a Chicago blues journeyman. Hip was an experienced blues guitar player and vocalist. He has played with Little Walter, Magic Sam, Junior Wells and Jimmy Rogers. Here is a chance to hear and enjoy Hip Linkchain caught live with headliner Jimmy Dawkins in Champaign, Illinois in the spring of ’82.
Hip Linkchain- Lead Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Dawkins- Lead Guitar,Vocals
Rich Kirsh- Guitar
Bob Richey,Moe Baker- Drums
Danny Mayers,Mark Rubell- Bass
Ralph Lapetino- Keyboards
A1. Mother-in-Law Blues   5:16
A2. Bloodstain on the Walls   10:29
A3. Hideaway   4:51
B1. Little Red Rooster   6:57
B2. Sounds of West Side Chicago   6:42
B3. Boogie Chillun   4:48

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Jimmy DAWKINS – B Phur Real 1995

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Jimmy DAWKINS – B Phur Real 1995


(B phur real with it baby yeah don’t let nothing turn you round
B phur real with it baby yeah don’t let nothing turn you round
You know I’m your man and I love you baby you just gotta stand your ground
B phur real with it baby aw you don’t need nothing at all
You got to be b phur real baby or you don’t b nothin’ at all
Well you know I love you baby don’t want another mule kickin’ in my stall
I don’t want nobody hangin’ around there alright
I’m watchin’ you Guitar Junior Luther Johnson Jr. I’m watchin’ you
got my eyes right on you you got to b real baby
phur real baby don’t let temptation get next to you
Luther Johnson Jr. down there in Atlanta Georgia around that Blind Willies there
get names together and you think I don’t know who to watch I got my eyes on you
Lookin’ right at you
Oh yeah!
I’m watchin’ you ain’t goin’ do nothin’ and I get by
You got to b true that’s why I say you got to b phur real
I just caught a plane today you think I’m gone I flew out but I flew right back in
Ah you think I’m leavin’ yeah baby I ain’t never been gone
Phur real baby yeah you got to b phur real you got to b phur real baby
yeah you got to b phur real Carey Bell
Yeah I’m watchin’ hey I’m watchin’ for real
What I’m talkin’ about is all my good friends here is Eddie Shaw Vaan Shaw
Lil Uh if they say Lil sometimes he might be the size of a van but Lil Jr. watch for me
That’s what you got to do watch me but baby you got to b phur real
Ah you don’t know where I’m goin’ b
Robert Plunkett TJ Mojo watch what I say
Bobby Rush Tyrone Davis all my ol’ Chicago friends
I’m out on the road tryin’ to make a livin’ thinkin’ about a comin’ back home again
Taildragger Taildragger Ray Scott I got my eyes on you
hey you better b careful baby love the things you do
B phur real baby b careful about the things you do
B phur real baby b careful about the things you do
Aw you better b careful a’right I got my eyes on you)
Here we go again with the off-the-wall spellings…more listenable modern work from the Chicago guitarist, who’s found his groove again after quite a few years of less than enthralling releases.
By Bill Dahl, All Music Guide.
He moved to Chicago in 1955.He worked in a box factory, and started to play local blues clubs, gaining a reputation as a session musician.

In 1969, thanks to the efforts of his friend Magic Sam, he released his first album Fast Fingers on Delmark Records, winning the “Grand Prix du Disque” from the Hot Club de France.In 1971 Delmark released his second album All For Business with singer, Andrew “Big Voice” Odom, and the guitarist, Otis Rush. Dawkins also toured in the late 1970s backed up by James Solberg (of Luther Allison and The Nighthawks fame) on guitar and Jon Preizler (The Lamont Cranston Band), a Hammond B-3 player known for his soulful jazz influenced style.

Dawkins began to tour in Europe and Japan and recorded more albums in the United States and Europe.Dawkins also contributed a column to the blues magazine Living Blues. In the 1980s he released few recordings, but began his own record label, Leric Records, and was more interested in promoting other artists,including Taildragger, Queen Sylvia Embry, Little Johnny Christian and Nora Jean Wallace.

In 1991 he began to tour and record more regularly. In 1995 he received three nominations for the W.C. Handy Award in the categories “Best Blues Instrumentalist – guitar”, “Contemporary Blues Album of the Year” (1994’s Blues And Pain), and “Blues Song of the Year” (“Fool in Heah”). The re-release of Fast Fingers received a W.C. Handy Award nomination as “Best Reissue Blues Album of the Year” in 1999.
Jimmy Dawkins- Guitar, Vocals
Steve McRay- Keyboards
Wayne Goins- Guitar
John Longo- Saxophone
Nick Longo- Saxophone
John Reid- Trumpet, Horn Arrangements
Lebron Scott- Bass
Bryan Cole- Drums
01. Two Timin? Lover 5:24
02. Lonesome Blues 6:10
03. If It Ain?t Love 6:21
04. B Phur Real 8:50
05. Walk With Me 5:02
06. Begging Business 3:56
07. You Got It, Baby 7:28
08. Can?t Hide My Love 5:08

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Jimmy DAWKINS – Kant Sheck Dees Bluze 1991

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Jimmy DAWKINS – Kant Sheck Dees Bluze 1991


Incredibly weird title (many of the songs sport equally bizarre spellings), but a major step back in the right direction for the guitarist, whose dirty, distorted tone won’t thrill the purists.

It has been quite a while since Jimmy Dawkins was hailed as one of Chicago`s most promising young blues guitarists, and he`s released some subpar albums since his acclaimed 1970s efforts for Delmark. But “Kant Sheck Dees Bluze,“ despite its weird Prince-like spelling of the title, should go a long way toward restoring Dawkins to contemporary prominence. Sounding more confident as a singer than ever before, Dawkins unleashes his heavily distorted guitar tone on the shuffling “I Ain`t Got It“ and an angry “Made The Hard Way.“ Professor Eddie Lusk`s gospel-fired piano anchors “A Love Like That,“ an uplifting number with a guest vocal by Dawkins protege Nora Jean Wallace, while “Wes Cide Bluze“ pays musical homage to the guitarist`s old stomping grounds. A few tracks run on too long (the title song clocks in at over nine minutes), but this is still the most satisfying Dawkins release in ages.
By Bill Dahl.
As an avid Dawkins listener throughout the past 20 years, I feel that Jimmy has continued to grow and be innovative as an artist. This CD is of particular interest in that Jimmy is backed by his protege, Billy Flynn. These two have maintained a close professional and personal relationship throughout the years since meeting in the early 1970’s. Their partnership on this CD is synergistic. While Flynn has gone on to develop his own style and reputation as a dynamic blues stylist, Billy also shows deep respect for his mentor Jimmy Dawkins on this CD. It is a great pairing and Dawkins continues to speak and play honestly through his music.
Jimmy Dawkins- (Guitar,Vocals),
Bill Flynn -(Guitar),
Eddie Lusk- (Organ, Piano),
Nora Jean Wallace- (Vocals),
Johnny B. Gayden- (Bass),
Ray Scott- (Drums).
01. I Ain’t Got It (4:15)
02. Rockin D. Blues (5:52)
03. Made the Hard Way (5:51)
04. A Love Like That (4:08)
05. Kant Sheck Dees Bluze (9:08)
06. Gittar Rapp (4:55)
07. Too Bad Baby (4:29)
08. My Baby Loves Me (4:13)
09. Get On The Ball (5:10)
10. Wes Cide Bluze (4:57)
11. Beetin Nockin Ringin (7:07)
12. Luv Sumbody (4:02)
13. Gotta Hold On (6:12)

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