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Joe BONAMASSA – Live From Nowhere in Particular 2008

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Joe BONAMASSA – Live From Nowhere in Particular 2008


Joe Bonamassa will release a double CD-set entitled Live From Nowhere In Particular on August 19, 2008. There’s fire and fervor in the music and in the persona of guitarist Joe Bonamassa and although his studio albums have been nothing less than exceptional, there’s no better way than the live performance atmosphere to demonstrate just how mesmerizing this amazing guitarist/vocalist can actually be. He’s truly a fiery vocalist as well, a trait that has a lot to do with his popularity, and he belts out the lyrics with resolute passion and vigor. He’s a well-rounded musician in every way.
Anyone familiar with Joe Bonamassa knows the degree of respect and admiration he has for the music of yesteryear, primarily blues and rock. His renditions of the classics, such as Tull’s “A New Day Yesterday,” Yes’ “Starship Trooper,” and Alvin Lee’s “One Of These Days,” adds smiles of approval to the faces of attentive audiences the world over. It’s a crucial key to his amazing talent: fans feel that they’re listening to one of their peers, someone who feels the same passion for the music. He’s similar to the best friend you had growing up, the guy next door you’d drink beers with on Sunday afternoons while listening to vinyl records. Perhaps without even realizing the music’s classic relevance at that time, you related to it in a personal and private way.

A trait that never ceases to surface in his live sets, Joe pays homage to his idols and influences. He’ll often throw a classic lick into a song, and it’s often done with the same passion, phrasing, and tone of the initial recording. His influences are many; they are legion, one might say; from one end of the rock spectrum to the other, blues as well. However, the honor he bestows upon musicians of the past and present is a humble endeavor of appreciation, additives to accentuate a style that’s original and creative on its own. It’s all Joe Bonamassa, and he’s a tonal mastermind of the instrument. Nevertheless, he likes to toss something into the mix every now and then, just to remind listeners where it all came from. Live From Nowhere In Particular is all that and more.

The barnstorming opener, “Bridge To Better Days,” as well as the astounding acoustic blues, “Woke Up Dreaming,” are both exemplary of the originality that’s Joe Bonamassa, and of the passion he exerts in the live setting. He’s incredibly adept at both electric and acoustic guitar, and this live set authenticates that. Covers of Free’s “Walk in My Shadows,”, Paul Marshall’s “So Many Roads”, and Warren Haynes’ “If Heartaches Were Nickels” are brilliantly executed. The Blues Foundation board member puts pure emotion and sincerity into the blues. Listen to the little Beatles insert at the end of “If Heartaches Were Nickles.” It’s merely one example of the fun he has with melodies, empowered by an imagination that segues tastefully from one area into another.
By Brian D. Holland.
Two CD set. Live from Nowhere in Particular is the 2008 album from Joe Bonamassa, an US blues guitarist/singer. Guitar One Magazine has stated that ‘he just might be the best guitarist of his generation.’ His blues-rock style is similar to that of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s. In an interview in ‘Guitarist’ magazine (issue 265), Joe Bonamassa cited the three albums that had the biggest influence on his playing: John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (the ‘Beano Album’), Rory Gallagher’s ‘Irish Tour’ and ‘Goodbye’ by Cream.
If you have never seen this guy, GO FAST and buy this LIVE CD! Especially this double CD! It’s his concert in a LIVE CD, one of my all time favorite songs is track 4 where he plays his guitar like a sitar, it is so melodic, it’s called “India/Mountain Time” this song gives me goosebumps just listening, because I have seen him perform this song “live” so many times, and it is truly amazing! All the songs on this CD are great, so don’t just buy and download one or two, buy the whole double live CD, it’s an incredible package deal for the price! “If Heartaches Were Nickels” and “Sloe Gin” are tear at your heart songs that I just can’t imagine anyone ever doing him wrong, but blues fans rejoice, he’s been annointed in true blood! He’s a big “Yes” fan and the last song shows his influence by Chris Squire one of the greatest bass players of all time.
By Aidea.
Joe Bonamassa- Guitar, Vocals
Rick Melick- Keyboards
Carmine Rojas- Bass
Anton Fig- Percussion, Drums
01. Bridge To Better Days 5:28
02. Walk In My Shadows 5:25
03. So Many Roads 6:12
04. India/Mountain Time 10:20
05. Another Kinda Love 3:52
06. Sloe Gin 7:22
07. One Of These Days 5:44

01. Ball Peen Hammer 4:23
02. If Heartaches Were Nickels 4:08
03. Woke Up Dreaming 7:59
04. Django/ Just Got Paid 17:53
05. High Water Everywhere 4:48
06. Asking Around For You 7:24
07. A New Day Yesterday/ Starship Trooper/ Wurm 7:51

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