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John DANKWORTH – Dankworth and The London Philharmonic Orch. Collaboration 1961

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John DANKWORTH – Dankworth and The London Philharmonic Orch. Collaboration 1961
XIP 7006


This was a rather ambitious combining of jazz improv/writing and classical sonorities by John Dankworth and a very capable crew of musicians. For the most part, it succeeds, and what better way to start off than with a particularly feisty romp through Stravinsky’s “Ebony Concerto”, a piece that normally seems to be played as if the musicians were afraid  of it, but here, they dig in full teeth and claws, great ending especially!
“Improvisations for Jazz Band and Symphony Orchestra”, a collaboration between Dankworth and Hungarian composer Mátyás Seiberthat keeps you on the edge of your seat, very much like a soundtrack to a good cops ‘n robbers film of that time (early 1960’s), the orchestra and Dankworth’s big band work together very well here, as opposed to being antagonists under Hugo Rignold’s skillful baton.
Side Two’s Rendezvous: A Rondo For Jazz Quartet and Philharmonic Orchestra (composed by Leonard Salzedo/Dave Lindup) doesn’t fare quite as well for me though, it does have its worthwhile moments like the mysterious “One Way Street” and the tense “South Bank” (again, this would fit nicely in a chase/shootout scene) sections bt the rest comes off as a rather forced kitsch of Latin and African Highlife styles.
If for no other reason, Side One is VERY worth your attention!
Hugo Rignold-  (Conductor 2,3),
John Dankworth- (Conductor,  Alto Sax [1 3],
Derrick Abbott, Dickie Hawdon, Kenny Wheeler, Gus Galbraith and Jimmy Deuchar- (Trumpets),
Tony Russell, Eddie Harvey, Ian McDougall- (Trombones),
Dennis Wilson- (horn),
Ron Snyder- (Tuba),
Peter King- (alto Sax),
Danny Moss, Art Ellefson- (Tenor Sax)
George Tyndale- (Baritone Sax),
Gervase De Peyer- (Clarinet),
Ronnie Ross- (Bass Clarinet),
Dudley Moore- (Piano),
Ray Dempsey (Guitar)
Michael Jeffries- (harp)
Spike Heatley- (Bass),
Kenny Clare- (Drums),
London Philharmonic Orchestra.
A1. Ebony Concerto (Igor Stravinsky) (9:29)
Allegro Moderato
Moderato Con Moto Moderato Vivo   9:29
A2. Improvisations For Jazz Band And Symphony Orchestra
(Mátyás Seiber/John Dankworth)   10:33
B1. Rendezvous: A Rondo For Jazz Quartet and Philharmonic Orchestra
(Leonard Salzedo/Dave Lindup) (15:04)
High Life
One-Way Street
Variaciones Peruvianos
South Bank
Rendezvous (Rondo Cubano)   15:04

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