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Les CHALIMONS & Friends Feat John Primer & Detroit Jr. – Chicago, New York Blues Session 2003

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Les CHALIMONS & Friends Feat John Primer & Detroit Jr. – Chicago, New York Blues Session 2003


The behind the scenes creation of this board has already said it all Leszek Chalimoniuk originator in the interview, which appears in this issue of TB. I must admit that knowing about these efforts Leszek eagerly waiting for this CD – what to say about it – outstanding. None of the Polish musicians so far failed to gather in the studio musicians such weight and leave the studio with such recordings.
A set of musicians on this CD is a set – the dream of John Primer, Detroit Junior, Haguy King Biscuit Miller.
Les Chalimon (Leszek Chalimoniuk) started playing the blues in his native Poland. He played extensively across Europe and recorded with The John Porter Band. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1980 where he has played with just about everyone in the New York and Chicago blues scene.
Let me tell you, man, what an unforgettable experience! laing down these tracks with some of the legendary Chicago bluesmen John Primer, Detroit Junior, David ‘Buscuit’ Miller, bass player for Lonnie brooks Band and talented young guitarist Haguy F. King of the Willie Kent Band.
I love the blues, to me this musical form is the purest reflection of the soul, exemplified by such artists as Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy … and so many others.

Posted album is ripped from a CD that was attachment to the Polish blues magazin Twoj Blues. The magazine Twoj Blues (Your Blues) is the only Polish journal devoted entirely to blues. It is considered to be one of the most influential opinion leaders and sources of information about the Polish blues and not only the Polish. Each issue brings CD, DVD and books reviews, interviews with Polish and foreign artists, feature articles, survey of events, festivals and concerts, and outstanding pictures. The editorial team consists of the best Polish publicists and photographers. Twoj Blues was founded in Chorzow, Poland. The first issue of this kwartalnik was published in June 2000. The average circulation of the magazin is 1600 copies.
John Primer- Guitar & Vocals (1,3,4,6,7,10,11)
Emery “Detroit Jr” Williams- Piano & Vocals (2,9)
Haguy F. King- Guitar & Vocals (5)
David “Biscuit” Miller- Bass Guitar
Les Chalimon- Drums
01. Bad Boy 428
02. Trouble No More 315
03. Cloudy Day 458
04. Talk To Me Baby 402
05. Cold, Cold Feeling 614
06. Come Back Baby 515
07. Love You Baby 425
08. Black Out (Jam) 339
09. Key To The Highway 315
10. Little Boy Blue 609
11. No Escape From The Blues 347

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John PRIMER – Stuff You Got To Watch 1992

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John PRIMER – Stuff You Got To Watch 1992


John Primer still remains true to his blues, deeply rooted in the classic Chicago blues of Muddy Waters and Elmore James. This review of his first US release on Earwig appeared back in Jazz & Blues Report in 1993 while he was still a member of Magic Slim & the Teardrops.

Fans of straight ahead Chicago blues should check out John Primer’s “Stuff You Got to Watch” on Earwig. The Mississippi born Primer was in the houseband at Theresa’s Lounge where he was befriended by the late Sammy Lawhorn. Later he was in Muddy Waters’ last band and has been with Magic Slim and the Teardrops for the past few years. While he has an album for the Austrian Wolf label, this US debut certainly makes one wonder what took him so long to get hooked up with a US label. Among those on this date are fellow Teardrop, Nick Holt, on bass, Harmonica Hinds on harp and Carl Snyder on keyboards. It is an excellent studio band which strongly supports Primer’s delta rooted vocals and guitar . While much of this is Primer’s originals, his covers are imaginative with a strong nod to Muddy on the title track. His renditions of Freddy King’s “See See Baby” and Magic Sam’s “That’s All I Need” are wonderfully paced performances while he personalizes Otis Rush’s “Double Trouble,” giving it a fresh cast that almost is as good as Rush’s original (which had Ike Turner’s guitar in addition to Rush’s). Jimmy and Jeannie Cheathem’s “Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On,” is answered by Primer’s original “Bring Your Clothes Back Home.” Less expected is his transformation of Texas country bluesman Little Son Jackson’s “Cairo Blues” into a Chicago band blues. The instrumental “Lawhorn Special” is a fitting nod to the late guitar giant and his mentor. To these ears, the only misguided effort is “Rhinestone Cowboy” (the Glen Campbell pop-country hit), but perhaps it will get him on Nashville Now. This is first-rate album of Chicago blues that comes from (to borrow a Bob Margolin phrase) “The Old School.”
By R. Weinstock.
Chicago guitarist Primer’s domestic debut album was doubtless an eye-opener for anyone not familiar with his searing slide work and sturdy vocal abilities. Apart from a very ill-advised cover of Glen Campbell’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” (yuck!), the album resonates with mean, lowdown guitar work and fine ensemble backing. By Bill Dahl. AMG.
01. Stuff You Gotta Watch (3:01)
02. See See Baby (4:20)
03. Inflation Blues (5:51)
04. Cairo (5:25)
05. Lawhorn Special (4:03)
06. Double Trouble (5:56)
07. Rhinestone Cowboy (4:46)
08. Fed up Baby (6:32)
09. Baby, Bring Your Clothes Back Home (5:07)
10. That’s All I Need (5:26)
11. I’m Gonna Ride Until I Get Satisfied (4:55)
12. Travelin’ Blues (6:04)
13. The Mojo Boogie (6:48)

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John PRIMER – Blue Steel, A Tribute To Elmore James 2003

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John PRIMER – Blue Steel, A Tribute To Elmore James 2003


The highlight of any John Primer show is when he pulls out the bottleneck and uses it to vivaciously perform ripping and pumping slide guitar. On Blue Steel you can experience his enthusiastic slide for 56 minutes via 14 staple cuts which are mostly short and sweet. Appropriately, most of them are Elmore James classics but Primer sneaks in 3 of his own on the self-produced CD. After a very brief (one release) stint with Telarc, Primer returns on Wolf Records. Shaped under the pressure of backing greats like Muddy Waters and Magic Slim, Primer is a modern day traditional electric Chicago blues master. He has played with the best of them and now he is one of them. Backed by regular touring members of his Real Deal Blues Band (Bo Trisko rhythm guitar, Michael Morrison bass and Mark Diffenderffer drums), John works his listeners into a blues trance.
Shake Yo Moneymaker is played the way it was intended. Here (and throughout), a completely revitalized Detroit Junior comes alive on the piano and performs like a man half his age. On Sunnyland Train, John’s guitar sounds just like a charging locomotive clicking and clacking down the track. Experience real deal blues on Too Much. Forget about the tribute and sit back and enjoy a brilliant blues tune where Steve Bell’s harp sounds like it is going to split in two. Little Bobby Neely’s saxophone creates an atmosphere of the era these songs are originally from on I’m In Love. Can’t Stop Loving is up-tempo and bouncing with Bo on lap steel guitar. Here, ballroom dancers will be in their glory. You will not want the infectious rhythm of Stranger Blues to stop. I’m A Bluesman was written and is performed by someone who is truly qualified to write and sing the blues, Mr. John Primer. On lyrics like ‘I was born with the blues and I haven’t had enough of the blues yet’ and ‘blues gave me a feeling that can’t be beat’, John’s strong, confidant voice has as much conviction as a preacher. Ironically, this song and 1839 were recorded with completely different musicians (including Magic Slim) and these tunes are two of the disc’s best.

Many tribute discs don’t work. This is one that does thanks to the genuine homage from one of today’s blues experts to one of yesteryear’s – both originally from Mississippi. Primer is quoted from Lisa Becker and Bo Trisko’s fantastic liner notes, ‘I wanted Elmore to be recognized for the incredible impact he had on all of us . a new generation will be exposed to Elmore, keeping his style alive.’ Primer seems to have made a personal musical ambition to bring the older blues traditions to a wider, modern audience. Blue Steel contains authentic down home blues and magnificent slide which the larger labels avoid. Sure, some of the more common riffs are repeated once too often. However, Primer proves himself a blues slide guitar aficionado. This is old-style blues we can NOT afford to lose.
Personnel John Primer- (Guitar);
Magic Slim- (Guitar);
Stanley Banks- (Keyboards);
Johnny B. Gayden, Nick Holt- (Bass);
James Harrinton, Earl Howell- (Drums);
Real Deal Delta Blues Band.

01. Shake Yo Moneymaker (2:04)
02. It Hurts Me Too (4:20)
03. Sunnyland Train (3:01)
04. Too Much (5:57)
05. I’m In Love (4:03)
06. Can’t Stop Lovin (2:23)
07. Since My Baby Left This Town (5:23)
08. I’m A Blues Man (6:02)
09. I’m Worried (4:39)
10. 1839 (3:17)
11. Fine Little Mama (2.38)
12. I Held My Baby (3:23)
13. I Had A Dream Last Night (5:18)
14. Stranger Blues (3:26)

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