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Johnny HOODOO – At My House 2010

Posted in BLUES, Johnny HOODOO on November 24, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Johnny HOODOO – At My House 2010


It began in the early 80s with the rockabilly band “The Alabama Trio” featuring Johnny on vocals and guitar,Tali on Double Bass and shouting and Daites on drums.This went on for a few years and changes of drummers.
Tali and Johnny decided to do without drums and became ….”Tali and Johnny”.They recorded the unfamous “In the Shed” recordings which are currently unreleased¬† on Johnnys hard drive.Due to getting old and having kids,partners…a life,Tali and Johnny were no more.Awww.
Since the start of it all Johnny Hoodoo has recorded solo stuff.Sometimes on 4 track,sometimes on a plain old tape recorder but mostly on a computer loaded with the Slackware/Linux system and the Audacity audio recording application.
So here is a compilation of Johnny Hoodoo’s work.Hope that you wont think its shite.
By Johnny Hoodoo.
01. Blue Moon of Kentucky (Bill Munroe) 2:38
02. Bukka Train Shake (Johnny Hoodoo) 1:54
03. Chariot Dub (Trad arranged Johnny Hoodoo) 1:56
04. Cold In China (Mississippi Moaner) 2:32
05. Heartbreak Hotel (Durden,Axton) 1:38
06. Honky Tonk Gal (Carl Perkins)  1:52
07. How About Me (Unknown 1:54
08. Long Black Train (Conway Twitty) 2:42
09. Lovin Babe (Trad arranged Johnny Hoodoo) 1:37
10. Never Drive a Stranger From Your Door (Willie Harris) 3:26
11. Oakie Boogie (Johnny Tyler) 2:30
12. Rockin; With Johnny (Johnny Hoodoo) 2:31
13. Runnin’ From Dawgs (Johnny Hoodoo) 2:19
14. Shake Your Hips (Slim Harpo) 3:53
15. Snake Eyed Mama (Don Cole) 1:56
16. Thats No Way To Get Along (Wilkins) 4:04
17. Too Hot To Handle (Unknown) 2:01
18. Train Kept A Rollin (Burnette) 2:13
19. Tutti Frutti (Penniman) 3:11
20. Vestapol Messin’ (Johnny Hoodoo) 2:03
21. Woman Named Mary (Hopkins arranged by Johnny Hoodoo) 4:12

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