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Johnny SHINES – Takin´ The Blues Back South 1972

Posted in BLUES, Johnny SHINES on November 22, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Johnny SHINES – Takin´ The Blues Back South 1972


This album and “Standing At The Crossroads” are Johnny Shines’ two best works. I’m not sure why his work with Walter Horton is considered to be better than his solo efforts. On Shines’ solo outings, his vocals are much stronger, his lyrics are more developed, and his guitar playing is superb. This particular album really shows off his vocal power. You might find yourself backing away from your speaker in order to not bust an eardrum. The two versions of “Mean Black Gobbler” are great! I’m not a musician, but it sounds like one of the versions of the song is performed in a Hill Country fashion. In other words, the guitar accompaniment sounds closer to Hill Country Blues or perhaps just diddley bow playing than it does to the typical Johnny Shines or Robert Johnson guitar work. “Back To The Steel Mill” is simply ferocious. The second guitarist on this album works very well with Johnny. It’s a shame that this album isn’t better known, and that it keeps going out of print. I waited over two years to purchase this, and it was most definitely worth the wait. The packaging is also very nice. You certainly can’t go wrong with any of Johnny’s albums.
By  D. B Pepper.
01. I Believe I’ll Make A Change 3:54
02. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 4:44
03. The Devil’s Daughter 3:08
04. Back To The Steel Mill 3:45
05. Blood Ran Like Wine 3:37
06. Abide My Wish 4:33
07. Mean Black Gobbler 4:47
08. Lost Letter Blues 2:39
09. Freight Train 4:50
10. My Best Friend 3:04
11. The Blue Horizon 5:42
12. Mean Black Gobbler (Unissued Version) 6:35

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